The Good Guys wreck a WS6… or did they?

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So I am sitting here watching one of my newest favorite shows, The Good Guys on my DVR when I happened to notice something interesting.

In the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” episode (Episode 9, Season 1), there is a Navy Blue Pontiac TransAm WS6 fully decked out with ZO6 wheels.  Very pretty and still one of my favorite muscle cars to this day (damn you GM/Pontiac).  As you can see, it clearly has the chrome ZO6 wheels, TransAm nose, Ram Air hood, and TransAm raised spoiler:

But, as this show tends to do, things get blown up and wrecked.  This particular car has the unfortunate fate of smashing in to a retaining wall and getting rolled over.  A truly cringe-worthy site.  Or is it?

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Breaking Bad – The Best Show You’re Not Watching

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I heard about this show from a post on a message board.  People were raving about how good it is, and since I’m not one to miss a good show, I thought I’d check it out.  I’ve watched the first 4 episodes and I am hooked.  This show is fantastic.

I said it’s the best show you’re not watching because it is.  Sure House is better, but you’re probably already watching that.

How AMC landed a show like Breaking Bad blows my mind a bit.  Give the show at least 2 episodes.  I watched the series premiere and I felt kind of on the line about it, but after I watched another episode I was really hooked and drawn in to it.

To give a quick plot summary, the main character is diagnosed with a terminal illness.  He is a typically passive goody-goody up until he realizes he is going to die.  He realizes his family needs money and he will do anything he can to ensure his family, a crippled teenager, and a pregnant wife, will have what they need after he is gone.  This leads to crazy, yet fascinating stories such as him becoming the finest meth cook New Mexico has ever seen.

It really makes you feel for Walter (the main character), feel the despair, the confusion, the anger…  Bryan Cranston deserves an award based on his performance in the first 4 episodes alone.  I can’t wait to see what the final 3 of the first season, and the first episodes of the currently-running 2nd season have in store.

So anyway, give Breaking Bad a chance, I bet you’ll like it, and it deserves all of the attention it can get!

My take on the Boxee/Hulu Situation

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Well, if you haven’t noticed or heard yet, Hulu streaming has been disabled in Boxee.

I’m not going to go over WHY it happened, as it’s pretty well explained by the Boxee and Hulu teams here:

Boxee on the Hulu Situation

Hulu “Doing Hard Things”

What I will do is offer my opinion on it all… after all, that is the point of a blog, isn’t it?

Both Hulu and Boxee are amazing products.  Hulu brings together MANY different content providers in to one place and offers great streaming services for all this content in one nice, clean, easy to use site.  Boxee is a cutting edge Media Center style application that transforms almost any computer in to a very sleek meda-centric device.  While Boxee [on Windows] is still VERY alpha (read: buggy as hell, crashes constantly), there was one thing I found it actually did really well, which was it’s Hulu integration.  You could search and browse all of Hulu’s shows directly from inside Boxee.

It was a very cool feature, and the main reason I didn’t uninstall Boxee after it’s 10th time crashing while trying to scan my media from my network.

But as of today, that feature is disabled.  The decision was not up to Boxee or Hulu, but rather the content providers (NBC, Fox, etc…)

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