Hello! I am an Information Systems Engineer working in Springfield, Illinois.

I grew up in Chatham, Illinois where I graduated from Glenwood High School quite some time ago. I also attended Lincoln Land Community College as well as University of Illinois Springfield.

I specialize in troubleshooting hardware and software issues on PC’s, Networks, and Servers, including Windows, CentOS, Red Hat, and Ubuntu, and am CompTIA A+ Certified. I am also experienced in deploying and maintaining servers in cloud infrastructures (i.e. AWS and Linode), as well as bare metal or virtualized CentOS systems, Windows Server and Exchange systems, and Active Directory environments. I have been working in the world of IT since 2006 and have learned quite a lot during my time.

I also have done some PHP programming with MariaDB databases on both Windows and Linux systems running Apache, from small one-off scripts to an inventory site with complete front and and back end.

When I’m not being a professional nerd, I am interested in photography, muscle cars, retro gaming, and really bright flashlights 🙂

I don’t get as much time to write articles on this site as I’d like these days as I’ve got two young kids that keep me busy, but there is a lot of useful information and useless rants here, so I’ll keep it around. If you need anything, you can contact me using this form, or hit me up on Twitter, @GldRush98.  I have a Facebook but I haven’t regularly used it in years and it is not a good avenue to contact me.