Hello! I am an Information Systems Engineer working in Springfield, Illinois.

I grew up in Chatham, Illinois where I graduated from Glenwood High School quite some time ago. I also attended Lincoln Land Community College as well as University of Illinois Springfield.

I specialize in troubleshooting hardware and software issues on PC’s, Networks, and Servers, including Windows, CentOS, Red Hat, and Ubuntu, and am CompTIA A+ Certified. I am also experienced in rolling out and maintaining Nagios XI monitoring systems, CentOS systems, Windows Server and Exchange systems, and Active Directory environments. I have been working in the world if IT since 2006 and have learned quite a lot during my time.

I also dabble in PHP programming with MariaDB databases on both Windows and Linux systems running Apache on the side.

When I’m not being a professional nerd and, I am interested in photography, muscle cars, retro gaming, and really bright flashlights 🙂

I don’t get as much time to write articles on this site as I’d like these days as I’ve got two young kids that keep me busy, but there is a lot of useful information and useless rants here, so I’ll keep it around. If you need anything, you can contact me using this form, or hit me up on Twitter, @GldRush98.  I have a Facebook but I haven’t regularly used it in years and it is not a good avenue to contact me.