New Wave Communications: The Worst ISP in America

   March 25th, 2010

It’s hard to even figure out where to start with a company as truly awful as New Wave Communications is, but I’ll do my best to start where my problems with them started, which is as soon as the took over my local cable network from Charter Cable in Spring of 2008.

Since the very first day New Wave took over and my IP address switched to their network I have had atrocious service, and no one from New Wave cares about it.  By fall 2008 I had called them no less then 10 times over a network congestion issue. I honestly lost count of how many calls I made and every single time I reached a “tech support” person, they were 100% incapable of understanding my problem and 100% unwilling to even do anything to attempt to solve it.  The exact problem I was having was network congestion.  During peak internet usage hours (evenings after work and weekends… basically any time I wanted to actually USE my internet), the service was unusable.  My ping times would often shoot from 30ms ping times to over 500ms ping times during peak hours.  Trying to use my “broadband” service for any “broadband” activities like streaming video, playing games online, was 100% out of the question.  Pages would often take minutes to load, streaming even music was not even possible.

At the time I didn’t know exactly what was happening, so I took it upon myself to write a script that sent out 1 ping per minute and log the response time.  After running the script for a few days I quickly realized that my problem was because of network congestion.  The sad thing is, I diagnosed in a few days, what New Wave had been unable to tell me for months.

Here is one example form Fall of 2008.  I was still suffering from unusable internet at this time (blue lines indicate ping times under 100ms, which was my cutoff for “acceptable” pings.  Red lines indicate pings over 100ms.  The taller the line, the higher the ping)

As anyone with half a brain can see, the internet functions more or less ok until peak usage hits (late afternoon), then everything goes to crap.  In November 2008 New Wave FINALLY fixed the issue.  It took them around 6 months to correct the congestion problems.  For 8 months my internet was basically unusable.

Since then I haven’t had any serious problems with my internet.  There were outages every once in a while, but whatever.  It happens, and I understand that.  But, I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth from dealing with New Wave for such a long time and them dragging their feet for so long on this issue, that I doubt they could ever do anything to make me happy with the service again.

Early this year I found out New Wave was offering HD service in my area.  Finally, something improved over New Wave’s pretty shitty “digital” cable picture, sweet!

But, I should have known that coming from a company like New Wave that simply does not give a shit about it’s customer, dealing with them again would be a frustrating experience.  Boy, was I right.

A couple months ago my cable modem gave up the ghost.  The tech who replaced it mentioned HD service, and I told him I would like to sign up.  He called up the main office in town and put me down for an HD receiver.  Like any other truly awful company, they were out of stock and had to put my name on a waiting list, assuring me they would call me when my receiver came in.  They never called.  Days turned in to weeks, weeks turned in to months.  I never heard a peep from them.  So, I suffered along with my fuzzy cable for a few more months.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling ready to be ignored and abused by their “customer service” department again, so I decided to stop by their home office in town.  I walked in and was able to order HD.  They scheduled a tech for the following Thursday to come out and install it.  I asked them right there if they could just give me the hardware, as I was PLENTY capable of unscrewing a coax from the old unit, and screwing it in to the new unit.  She told me that was not an option and they had to come out and do that.  Fantastic.

Wednesday night rolled around and we got an automated call from New Wave reminding us that they would be there to install the HD box the following morning from 8am to 10am.  Wow… I was finally going to get my HD service!

HAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT!  Thursday came and went.  Not a single word from New Wave.  They never showed up.  They never called me.  A week later, I still have not heard from them.   Wow.  Awesome job New Wave.   I have never had such trouble trying to PURCHASE a product from a company like I have from New Wave.  You would think that if I was willing to fork over more cash to their shit-fuck company, that they would actually want to take it, but apparently not.

The problem here just isn’t New Wave, but it’s the illegal monopolies cable companies are allowed to have over service areas.  Companies like New Wave are allowed to put a strangle hold on their customers and treat them as shitty as they want, while the customer has no other option.  We either take it in the two-hole from them, or we go with out.  And being the geek that I am, going with out broadband wouldn’t work very well for me.  So here I am.  A broken desperate man, who only wants HD service in his home.  Why is this so much to ask from a company?

UPDATE (4/9/2010) – New Wave has fixed my situation and I finally have HD!  Read about it right here.

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  1. Mike Burns  Says:

    Nick – sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced. Would you email me or call me with your contact information and I’ll be happy to assist.


    Mike Burns
    General Manager

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Mike, I appreciated your effort to correct this. I was actually contacted my New Wave’s Marketing VP on Tuesday, and he has fixed my situation. I will be making a new post tonight about it, and will update this post with a link to that one when it does up.

  3. Mike Burns  Says:

    Nick — Glad we resolved the issue and hope you enjoy our HD service.

    Take care.


  4. Noone  Says:

    Wow now that’s damage control!

  5. John Derrick McMillen  Says:

    Now wait a minute here. This guy on this rant isn’t alone here. There are OTHER customers on this service suffering from the same crappy service from this company. How about ACTUALLY FIXING your problems with customer service and the lack of skill to properly run your network? That might be nice in contrast to picking off the one guy with the guts to go public (and make it high in Google search rankings for Newwave Communications). This guy had the knowledge (and skill) to figure out your problems for you. So, this guy is happy now. But look what it took for him to get what you advertise. This makes me laugh but it also makes my skin crawl. So, should the rest of us now contact Mike Burns, THE General Manager at 573-703-5981. Hmmmm… where’s my phone?

    Oh, and by the way, your website has been offline for three days. Right at the time my bill is due. I ORDERED an even additional add-on for HD channels which I can’t figure out the total price because I can’t get on the website.

  6. Nick - Author Comment:

    John, I am disappointed to hear that New Wave has still not resolved apparently glaring customer service issues. As for my situation, so far everything has been fine, but I have also not had to call New Wave for anything.
    I had hoped that New Wave would make some kind of change in their internal process to insure that situations like mine don’t happen again. Either no changes have been made, or any changes that were made were not enough :-\

  7. Tim  Says:

    I too have had noting but problems since New Wave took. I used to have both their cable tv and internet service but ending up dropping the tv due to it constantly going out and there unwillingness to fix it. I still use their internet service but i have had the same issue for over 2 years and so far i am no closer to getting it fixed than i was 2 years ago. My service is either so slow you can’t use it or it is down. The last 2 time they actually came out they changed the modem assuring me that would fix it and as i tried to explain to them that is not the problem. If they show up and the service is actually working they just say, “well it is working now so we can’t help you now” , now that is some great service. They are supposed to be here some time tomorrow but as usual they couldn’t give me a time frame. The only reason i still use them is that where i live they are the only provider but i was told that is no longer the case so i will investigate it more this week. If there is another option i know alot of people that will be dropping them very quickly.

  8. Michael  Says:

    I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with newwave in Mayfield KY. Hands down they are the worst service provider i have ever had. i had so many problems with their television service and boxes that i had to drop them and get satellite tv for which i have had nothing but stellar service and reliability. you would think the issue of going out in storms would be that of the satellite provider but no it was NewWave that would go out in storms.

    I was having major issues with the internet service of NewWave with it being totally unusable during “peak” hours. So New Wave decided to expand their pipe for more bandwidth but instead of letting folks have the service they pay for NewWave got greedy and upped their package to 15mb and the pipe was soon full again. While they have given refunds and sent out techs to do the exact same thing the previous 10 techs did the service is still crap. As of this writing my current speed maxes at at 1.78 mb and that is not even stable.

    When you try to write the president per the promise thing he tosses up on the web page it is intercepted by lower managers who simply repeat the same processes that had been going on for months. Does the President actually ever see these complaints? i doubt it. I would drop NewWave internet in a heartbeat if we had any other choice but the cable monopoly rules here also.

    Simply put if you can avoid New Wave Communications take a wide berth and don’t look back as you can expect nothing but headaches or “upgrades” from 10mb to 15mb when they can not even get you more than 2mb.

  9. jtilley  Says:

    Time for round 3 for me!
    Once again I get unuseable internet during peak hours. Ping times that are 300ms+ with 4+ dropped packets a min. Last two times I’ve had to diagnose the problem myself to keep them from sending a tech out just to say “uhhh i can’t fix that”. They’ve cost me over $1k in time off from work to meet people who never come or who can’t fix anything. Problem is network congestion and bottlenecking at the backbone. To me, it is fraud to market 15mb internet when a provider can even competently offer a 2mb connection.

  10. Travis  Says:

    Im paying for 10mbps and have only been getting about 2 of it for longer than I should have tolerated. Frequent disconnects and frustration are things I had come to think I had to just live with. My relationship with my pc is a big part of my life. New Wave is making me hate my relationship with my pc. Lots of people don’t notice that they’re not getting what they’re paying for as they Facebook, IM, and casually surf but people who play WoW while streaming Netflix movies sure as hell do.

  11. joe golladay  Says:

    well.. i guess ill add to the group.. i pay for the 15mb down.. 1 meg up gamer package.. for the last few months my speeds have been dropping drastically..tonight.. jan. 13th.. at 9 pm.. my speed is less than 1 mb down while maintaining 600kb up.. with a 300 ms ping to newwaves missouri server.. this is not (which by the way is way slower than that to the closest server). ive had three techs scheduled.(last one didnt even show up. just called). first one told me it was my dlink gamerlounge router that was causing the problem.. unhooked it and swapped out the motorola modem with a rca modem that had a router built in.. speed did not increase.. second tech could not find anything wrong with anything inside the house but made a guess that it was congestion and told my wife that it would take an act of god to convince the company of that so they would fix it.. third tech never showed up.. called and said he would talk with the guys in the morning to see what they thought.. im getting pings higher than i used to play online with dialup.. cmon newwave.. your not dealing with a puter dummmie here.. ive built 100’s of desktops from scratch.. setup dozens of networks… i know congestion when i see it.. and paying over 60.00 dollars a month for something that isnt even as fast as dsl at night is wearing me thin.. very tired of tech support as i called 30 minutes ago to be told they would have a tech call me in 10 minutes.. still waiting.. so mike.. youre gonna get a call either voicemail tonight or tomorrow while youre at work.. i will spread the word.. this is very unacceptable of a company.. joe golladay.. malden missouri..

  12. Amanda  Says:

    Newwave has been nothing but a complete headache for me since October.
    The channels blank out constantly and when they come back, the audio/visual is out of sync. I called I don’t remember how many times to get it fixed without any progress. Then when they finally agreed to send someone to my house “Tuesday between 8 and 10,” surprise! No one showed up. Then I called to complain about it (and about having missed out on college class hours over it) and they told me 1) that no one was in the area at that time when a Newwave van was parked at my neighbors, so close I could literally see it from my house and 2) that they had scheduled someone to come “on the 20th from 3-5,” which is funny since no one told me that and I wouldn’t be home on the 20th from 3-5.
    I was also told my bill would be credited for 2 months for all the problems I had, which was great until my cable was turned of due to non-payment of a bill I was told I’d never have.
    Needless to say I am more than fed up. I called Friday, paid what I apparently owe so as not to hurt my credit and put in an order for cancellation at the end of this month. We’re moving in February and I had planned on taking Newwave’s service with me and adding phone and internet to it had they done anything, anything at all to fix these issues. But nope. So now my business and my money will be going to Windstream. Something I should have done a long time ago.

  13. Nick - Author Comment:

    I would congratulate you on your move away from Newwave Amanda. You’re one of the lucky few who actually has a CHOICE in their provider, so you’re free to flee this train wreck of a company.

  14. james42519  Says:

    i haven’t really had trouble with newwave in somerset ky and when i do i can get it fixed calling them usually. i have 10 megabit and actually get that or better sometimes. sure it goes lower sometimes but not enough to effect using it. only thing i think could change is the upload speed. .36 megabit is kinda slow now. i have the cable too but i don’t use a cable box. onyl have basic and extended cable and cables goes to the tv. guess living in the city helps with this being closer to where ti comes from.

  15. Nick - Author Comment:

    Consider yourself lucky.
    My connection has gone back in to the toilet.
    My 10mb line is currently testing at 2mb. Awesome!

  16. james42519  Says:

    guess i am lucky then.
    it is between these too but usually closer to 9 or 10 megabit.


    are you using the Motorola sb5100 too?

  17. Nick - Author Comment:

    Consider yourself very fortunate, but keep a close eye on it. I bet it won’t last for long.
    I own my modem, I don’t rent their’s. It’s a linksys cm100.

  18. Reid  Says:

    I’ll throw in my 2cents as well – let’s face it Newwave SUCKS! We moved to Murray KY 3 years ago and had nothing but trouble from day 1! Same scenario as all of the other posts above: poor to no connection on ‘net, TV, etc. I call and call, tech come out and look dumbfounded and tell me they don’t know whats wrong. According to their equipment it should be working, but they stand in front of the TV and computer and can see that it’s not. I’m really sick of it, but they are the only game in my area except for satellite. And the people with satellite say that their reception/service is no different. Does anyone know of some watchdog or regulatory agency that we can contact? Having to pay $130/month for crappy service is just ridiculous!!

  19. sherri lemons  Says:

    Well here goes. I Too have received terrible service from this company. Our phone was out for ALMOST THREE WEEKS. I have the cable internet, phone package I take care of my mother who has heart problems. I was forced to go out and get both of us a cell phone during this time. Then they had the ____ to bill me for a full month. Then there is the cable. Has anyone noticed that the good channals are always out. when you call them, Its a 45 minute wait. Then they want you to let them know when there are channels out. Just how I wanted to spend my day off. Everyday off. They promise to adjust your bill and never do. and lets not forget the recording telling you to use there web site for your problems. When it is up its basically useless unless you are paying them for services you only get half the time. I agree they have crappy service. and there prices are Too.

  20. Ronnie Null  Says:

    Yet another COMPLETELY unsatisfied New Wave Communications Customer in the Bootheel of Missouri. My previous internet provider was AT&T, which unfortunately only had (and has currently) 6M speeds available in my area. On every single site that I use regularly, or even those that I used intermittently or even completely randomly, I would get a reliable ~1M give or take a few hundred KB.

    Roughly 3 months ago now, I saw a New Wave tech doing an install about 5 houses down from mine on my street, and thought, “Hey, why not ask about their internet packages?” The inner geek in me was then extremely “aroused” by the concept of the 50M connection the tech told me just recently had become available in my area. I jumped on that in a heartbeat and barely batted an eye at the $105.00 pricetag. 50M was eons faster than what I had right? Surely it was worth an additional 45-50 bucks a month! When I first got the service, there was a slight improvement in streaming speeds/page loads from very common websites such as youtube, amazon, msn, google, bing, etc. Nothing to bow down in amazement of. So then I start doing speedtests on both the Windows XP Home laptop and the Windows Vista 32bit Desktop that I owned (and both worked!) at the time. These showed roughly 24-34M down speeds. (I only use wired connections.) So then I go to actually install a few games/apps/programs/updates/patches from such sites as Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Itunes, and I realize I’m only getting an actual 2M down speed, which varies down to 1M randomly, but in the 3 months I’ve owned it and the tons of downloads I have done (or at least attempted) I’ve seen a total of about 12 minutes of speeds greater than 2M, and it was 5-6M on the same sites I had already downloaded these things, or had to redownload, because my hard drive died on my computer (Seagate firmware issue) a couple of weeks after receiving this internet. (My main rig at the time.) EVERY OTHER TIME I HAVE DOWNLOADED ANYTHING FROM ANYWHERE I HAVE NOT GOTTEN OVER 2M! It will reach 2M, hit 2.1, then drop to 1.6. Repeat, drop to 1.7. Repeat, so on and so forth. Never going over 2M. On this 50M connection! I have called New Wave Customer Service on the order of 10-15 times if not more regarding this exact same issue. They even sent an engineer to my house on one of these visits, and he plugs in his laptop and gets 32M on a speedtest. Like this is supposed to tell me something? I had just performed the speedtest before I ever called them, and saw what it said, but I also saw what I was getting in actual down speeds from a plethora of different sites. This could be downloading a YouTube vid with Realplayer, downloading an album from Itunes, downloading the game client for World of Warcraft, downloading the Star Wars The Old Republic beta game client, or even downloading updates from Microsoft. 2M.

    So, I gathered as many details as I could about the symptoms it was exhibiting, mainly the fact that I could have the same download queued up multiple times (around 5 copies) and receive almost the exact down speeds on all 5 copies. Roughly 2M. Which is effectively 10M down. But for some reason I can only get 2M on a single file from anywhere. I then called New Wave, and spent the next several minutes attempting to explain my extremely frustrated situation to the apparently clueless customer support rep, and after a bit of this, the rep apparently thought he had muted his mic, and he actually paused for a minute then said “Shut the F*** up…” Immediately I was like, “Excuse me?” and asked to speak to his supervisor, and informed him of this incredible lapse in both judgment, customer service ability, and humanity in this individual. He (the supervisor) made sure he gave me his name/email, and said he would definitely look into this as this wasn’t the type of thing that was expected of New Wave Employees. Ya think???? Other than that he didn’t seem all that perturbed by this turn of events. Over the next month and a half or so up until now, I have called repeatedly about this exact same issue. Seeing a huge number on, then actually going to download something from ANYWHERE, and not getting over 2M.

    This past Saturday (Aug 27th, 2011) my speeds dropped down to about 200-400KB/s with epic slowdowns to 5KB/s that was sustained over several hours. I immediately called, and they said (once again) “We’ll send a tech out.” This tech, (that I had seen several times already) seemed genuinely interested in at least attempting to figure out what this issue was, as clearly 2M wasn’t even close to what I was paying for, and he told me he would recquisition an laptop and a DOCSIS 3.0 like my own and test various points in the line up to my house. This was supposed to take place yesterday. Nothing was fixed as of this morning.

    So today, I called and actually asked to speak to the on-duty technical supervisor, as clearly, all of the times I had recounted the exact symptoms I was having to the “normal” employees were either misunderstood, misinterpreted, or completely misplaced. After a 27minute hold, I then spoke to “Cody the Technical Supervisor” and then reiterated once again my situation. He at this point told me “Well, I was unaware that you were having these types of issues (i.e. the multiple files queuing at the same speed while one file only does 2M, pages taking sometimes over a minute to load (simple pages like email or bing) or especially since this past Saturday, roughly 40-50% of the sites I was clicking on were saying server not found, cannot find website, or check your internet connection, although the connection indicator at my status tray showed a valid connection, and the lights on the modem showing the same.

    Cody then tells me that yes, this does sound like a modem issue, and he would make sure a tech brought a new DOCSIS 3.0 out today to see if that remedied the issue. He also told me that he was “teaking a few things” and shortly thereafter, my speeds normalized at their standard 2M.

    At around 5:30, this gentleman comes to the door, a New Wave “tech”. And the first thing he does is the same thing all the other techs have done (and the ONLY thing the other techs have done) is run the and once again, unsurprisingly, it shows a high number, this time 42M. So at this point he tells me clearly there’s NOTHING wrong with the modem or the internet service. So I then begin recounting all of the issues I’ve had, and the fact that I only get 2M, and he says “Well, what servers are these?” I then tell him EVERY FREAKING SERVER. This obviously isn’t good enough, so we go and begin downloading things. The blizzard downloader at that was showing 2M. It would hit 2.1, then drop to 1.7. Hit 2.1 drop to 1.5, and repeat this forever. I also told him that I had downloaded the client for WoW, from the Blizzard Entertainment content servers (Blizzard Entertainment is at the very least one of the richest game developers in the world with BEEFY servers with which to handle their nearly 12 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS) and told him that 3 of the 5 guys that were in my ventrilo channel had just downloaded this same file that I had just downloaded, 2 with 30M connections getting roughly 12M and 1 with a 20M connection getting about 6.8M down, and all three had made it into the game (same size file) hours before I was able to on my 50M connection.

    So Mr. Internet tech says well I’m going to go out back and check some stuff. I went and used the restroom, and went out back to smoke, and he wasn’t there. He was in fact out front, sitting in his van, speaking to someone on his cell. So then he asks me “Did you actually see these speeds these people told you they were getting?” and “They couldn’t possibly be getting those kind of speeds because the person he had just spoken with told him that no one would be able to download from them if they were pushing that kind of speed.” Unknown person on the other end of the line was CLEARLY an idiot with a capital IDIOT.

    Mr. Tech guy then proceeds to in about as many words tell me that no one really gets over 2M on the internet anyways… to which I promptly replied, “So you’re honestly telling me that no one in the effn world gets more than 2M on the internet????? Are you effn serious? That is BS and you know it.” He then replied, “Well, I don’t know….”

    So then I go into hardcore “You gotta believe that this is complete BS mode…” and we went into the computer and proceeded to download from several different sites where my undeniable download speeds were between 400KB/s-2.1M. He then tells me that he wants me to email him all those sites because he has the same internet I do, and my modem is showing 42M and his doesn’t show that much.

    So I then asked Mr. Internet Tech what his download speeds were. He told me, “I don’t know, I just download stuff and let it do it’s thang.” This is suppsedly a high-speed Internet Technician that doesn’t even know his own actual download speeds?

    So I set out to compose a list of commonly used sites with readily accessible downloads in addition to a few of the other game type downloads that he could attempt in addition to all these others (some of my examples included Microsoft where I could get nothing at all to download, and which would not load for 7 successive attempts, each time telling me that there is no internet connection even though my status tray and modem tell me otherwise) and thought to include some of the several complaints I had personally read over these past couple of months about New Wave Communications that reeked of the same S*** i’ve been dealing with all this time, and stumbled across this particular page, and felt obligated to include my own horror story. Needless to say, if this isn’t resolved by the end of this billing cycle, I’m going back to my much more reliable 6M connection from AT&T DSL.

    So a word of warning to all potential New Wave Communications customers who hear 50M!!! and go “wow” and sign up, most likely you’re not going to get even 5% of what you’re paying for, and if this proves to be the case, New Wave will most certainly be rude to you, call you stupid, exhibit utter stupidity of their own, lie, and continue to charge outrageous prices for NOTHING.

    Buyer be warned…

  21. Ronnie Null  Says:

    P.S. I have been on computers for nearly 18 years, spent the last 14 years on the Internet, and watched more download progress bars on more varied connections than this apparent “tech” from New Wave Communications, and I’ve personally seen speeds ranging from 0.1kb/s to 28MB/s.

    In addition, the tech did NOT bring another modem to see if that remedied the situation as “Cody” had promised me would transpire today.

    Also, the brand-new BEAST of a computer with a Gigabit NIC, running windows 7 64-bit is getting the same hideous download speeds as everything else I’ve ever plugged into this network. An awe-inspiring, mind-boggling, whopping 2M…

  22. Rod  Says:

    I’m in Catlin, IL, and I had DSL Elite (advertised download speed of up to 6 Mb/sec.) with AT&T for over 5 years. I’ve checked the speed with many times, and almost never saw a speed of under 5 Mb, regardless of time of day (even peak hours). I only experienced one outage in all that time, and that was due to a driver sliding off an icy road into a telephone pole. And it was only down a few hours. I had some intermittent drop offs that were due to a failing modem, which they replaced at no charge. Pretty good service considering what I’ve gotten from NewWave. AT&T set a bandiwdth cap of 100 GB a month, and charges $10 for every additional 50GB. I use the net a lot, downloading, and playing online games for hours, streaming music, and video, etc. So, I decided I’d give Avenue Cable a try. They offer 15 Mb/sec. download for a few dollars more that what I was paying for DSL, and no bandwidth cap. A month after switching to Avenue, they got taken over by NewWave. I’ve experienced a dozen outages in 2 months of service, some of them lasting all night. Speeds drop considerably lower during peak hours, but not horribly bad every night. My ping in games is about 20ms, compared to 40ms on DSL, but DSL was steady and reliable, though its max. download and upload speeds are less. Things will be alright with NewWave for a week, and then it goes to shit. It’s bad enough I’m seriously ready to go back to AT&T DSL and try and live with the bandwidth cap.

    I’m getting so peeved about it, I’m wondering about trying to organize other NewWave customers to put pressure on the company to upgrade their infrastructure to deliver on their promised speeds, even if it takes a civil law suit to get them off their asses.

  23. Nick - Author Comment:

    Are your download speeds taking a hit during peak hours too?
    If so, this is a classic symptom of over-sold bandwidth.

  24. Rod  Says:

    Yes, Nick, my speeds are lower doing peak hours often, as are actual download speeds. Some nights I’ll see tests of 7 Mbps, and others much lower, some nights 10 Mbps. Some Sundays it’s so slow it’s barely useable. On the 9th (the day I wrote my first post here), the service went down entirely, and wasn’t restored until sometime the following afternoon. It’s been really good since then.

  25. Ryne  Says:

    How did you people even contact New Wave? I have had no internet and no TV service for nearly a week. Unable to take off work to go to the local office. Tried their online form, no response. But every time I have tried to call them at 1-888-8NEWAVE I am getting a busy signal. Very frustrating that I can even disconnect to go back to Dish Network. Even when I had picture it was fuzzy like a over the air antenna, how can they even label this garbage as high speed broadband and digital?

  26. Randy L Shear  Says:

    Figured I might as well throw my war story in here. This is the message I just sent to New Wave. I’ll update if they respond:

    I have been stood up three times by your company. It took me almost a month to even talk to someone about turning on service, and then they were a no show. When they did show up, and turned on my internet, the internet didn’t work for almost 2 days. A few days later I decided to get phone, internet, and cable. A week and a half ago I made an appointment for today (Oct 28th between 9a-12P) to have everything turned on. It is now 12:30 and nobody showed up. I am currently on hold, and the CSR has been rude, and her very first response to my complaints was to cancel my order. I own A1 Title 42 Service in Oklahoma, as a business owner, and a consumer, this is very poor customer service. As I explained to her, cancelling my order is not a solution to my issue. The solution is to send someone out here as promised. I have complained before to the CSRs when I had to call in over and over for no show, and when the internet didn’t work, and not once was I offered any compensation for my valuable time, frustration, and aggravation. I have more important things to do than sit on the phone all day trying to get service that I already had an appointment for. Not once when the technicians were going to be late, or just not show up at all did I receive a phone call letting me know. They simply let me sit here and waste my time. I still have my Verizon DSL account as I was testing your service before I shut down Verizon. I will admit Verizon does not have the bandwidth New Wave has, but their network is stable, I have never lost connection, and my services were turned on when they promised. Their customer service is outstanding. I would like either a discount on my service, or a credit to my account for all the time I have wasted waiting on techs, and all the time wasted sitting on the phone (most of it on hold). I would also like my services turned on today as promised (if at all possible). I really hope this message finds someone who remembers what customer service is, and how important customers are to your business. Thus far I have been made to feel very unimportant to your company.

  27. Lindsey  Says:

    If you are unable to contact NewWave Communicatoins through the 1-888-863-9928 number your local office. Please try our Facebook page(, twitter page (newwaveinsider), chat us, or email (Chat and local office are closed Saturday & Sunday).

  28. Nick - Author Comment:

    I will give credit to their Twitter account, I have always gotten a reply pretty quickly when I ask about an outage or something.

  29. Randy L Shear  Says:

    UPDATE: It’s been two weeks since my last post, and my complaint to Newwave. They offered me a discount for 1 year taking my monthly payment for phone, net, expanded cable to $99.00 instead of $126. They offered to wave my $25 installation fee. So another appointment was made, and again I sat here waiting, and again they did not show up. No call, no show. Yesterday Newwave called me asking if we could reschedule my install.. 2 WEEKS AFTER THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP!!! NEWWAVE IS A JOKE!! I asked the CSR why they didn’t show this time, and why they didn’t bother calling me again. She looked in the notes, and said she didn’t know, but maybe I wasn’t home.. LOL.. REALLY?? Maybe next time I should have all the lights in my house on, the car outside of the garage with the flashers on, and a bonfire in the front yard.. Maybe I need to open all my doors, and windows too.. Just to make sure they know I’m here.. Have you heard of KNOCKING??? Anyway I think I’m done with these jokers.. Take care!

  30. Randy L Shear  Says:

    Yes I intentionally misspelled waive, as wave as a pun 🙂

  31. Nick - Author Comment:

    That sounds about par for the course.
    Newwave seems to have a serious problem with their service technicians. They seem to have no way to track what their service techs actually do and don’t do in a day.

    Newwave: Your service technicians are the people interacting with your customers. If your service technician sucks, fire them and hire new ones. There are plenty of people looking for jobs, it can’t be hard to replace them. They make you look incredibly bad. If your service technicians are over worked, hire more! Do SOMETHING to change the way things have been going for a long time over there.

  32. Gloria  Says:

    I my gosh, you people have scared me to death. We just got a letter from Comcast and they are turning our service over to NewWave. We get fantastic service from Comcast, internet and tv. But reading all the commplaints have pretty much convinced me to bit the bullet and get Direct tv. Seems like just when you think you life is going smooth someone throws a wrench in it!

  33. chris  Says:

    bbb or attorney general, local media, bill o’reilly, small claims court

    bad enough i bank at, ‘fifth third’ – after dealing with those idiots, i just wanted to go home and watch game 6 of the world series…freakin’ ‘newwave’ was on cue with their weekly outage (cable, dsl/phone)

    next day, every where i looked, ‘GAME 6 of the 2k11 world series, was the GREATEST WORLD SERIES GAME ever(EVER) played’

    it’s definitely an inconvenience – but i pay for it; does that make it a fetish?

    good luck guys

  34. melvin monroe  Says:

    New Wave Cable service is slow to change stations.
    Direct and Dish wasn’t.
    The Internet is slow like Dial-up.
    The phone service was slow to call out and a lot of times not work at all.
    I told them about it 4 or 5 times and they have never came to do anything about it.
    So I went back to at&t, DSL and DirecTV.

  35. Debbie Willard  Says:

    New Wave does suck big time.Their services just became available here in SE rural Indiana recently & after having Direct tv for many many yrs, I went with new wave’s bundle of phone,cable & internet saving me about $80.month which was what my phone bill was & also my direct tv bill was. But it’s not even worth it.My internet didnt work for more than 2 wks, I couldn’t stream netflix or anything for another week, & my phone hasn’t worked right since it was installed over a month ago.Cell phones don’t work where i live. I have spent a month on hold to talk to tech/customer service & when I get thru they say” I can rest your router”. I’ve called the president of new wave 2x.The service guys in the area are nice people, show up on time, & knowledgable, but customer/tech support all need fired.they r liArs.No one in my community can call me, my daughter lives in anearby town & no one in that town can call me, They get a recording that says my phone has been disconnected. one person who works at new wave trying to solve the problem actually asked me,”who all can’t call you, I need all the prefixes of their phone numbers?” WHen my phone was installed it worked for 1hr, the tech left, & it didnt work for the next 3 days. I had to drive a few miles to where my cellphone could work, several times in those 3 days, & they promised me they would fix it & they didnt. The only way I ever got it back on was to ask a local service tech I saw in his new wave van in the area.He came in , made 1 call, & they fixed it from the office in 5 minutes. a week later it was down for 2 days, no incoming or out going, then when they got my phone back on, my internet went out. Internet is not 5 its like old dial up speeed & gets off line on it’s won sometimes. I spent 4 hrs on hold one day, at 30 min intervals. im retired so i can do this. I told the pres, & all the techs that i have medical issues, My family worries about me if they cant speak to me daily, I cant call my dr, pharmacy, bank,post office, neighbors, utility companies or anyone in the area, & they cant call me. They got it fixed so i can call my daughter , but she still cant call me. I can now call my neighbors if i dial 1 first, it’s long distance & i wasnt informed. POint being, in over 30 days, with a phone that doesn’t work right,only one time has a tech support person ever called me back to c if they had actually fixed my d. phone. That’s because I told them to sit in their office all day & keep calling me till my phone worked, because Ive been calling them all day every day for 30 days telling them my phone doesnt work.The president called me back once, assigned someone to my case, & that was 2 wks ago & my phone still doesnt work. no one else has ever called me.I have to call them every day to tell them my phone doesnt work, & they have never sent a tech to my house about it, not that it would do any good, I told the pres. That I spent more $ in gas the 5 days I had NO phone, driving somewhere to call them, plus my time spent in 30 days calling them from home is worth something,than the discount they gave me on my bill. I asked the pres for free dvr service for a yr or 6 months for my time wasted & got no dvr. new wave knows my phone doesnt work, they don’t care, & they dont want to talk about it either.Guess I’ll try majic jack or vonage.

  36. Bryce  Says:

    Now, I truly do know about these issues, and trust me, even us technicians have these problems. Yes, ill admit on this bash-site, I am a New Wave Com. BBT1 tech. I work in the central Illinois region and I usually get good responses from my customers about the service. Now you guys/gals have your right to bash and complain and i dont blame you for a second, I am not here to defend NWC or anything like that (which im sure i probably should, but i didnt put my real name on here for personal protection reasons)i just want you to hear me out. I worked previously for a company called Avenue cable, before NWC bought the system. If any of you ever had Avenue service, you know what bad service truly is. Yea we “offered” phone, up to 15mg dsd, but you were lucky if it EVER and i mean EVER worked…….period. And truly the techs didnt care because they didnt have to. since NWC came in, we had to care, otherwise we are out of work. I can see the changes NWC has brought to my area because i live it every day. New wave techs are usually your most helpful people ever, because we have to be, we have to meet certain quotas with re-occurring T.C’s. We are all trained and professional….most of the time, i mean, comon, we all have our bad days where we really dont feel like being threatened because someone didnt pay their bills and they feel the right to treat us like dirt, like something they stepped in and think they can just do/say to us whatever they feel. Now from reading this, you guys didnt have too many bad thing to say about the techs, mostly the call center, youve got to realize, these are people that do not have field training, they have a list of things in front of them to say and if they dont work they send us out, and then usually, the techs can fix it. There are occasions in which we cannot, due to problems that we cant resolve. Now, sometimes we do cut corners, and do not chastise me, because we all do it in our every day lives. You try to make it to 20+ houses in 8hours when each one can take up to an hour. Then after youve worked all this overtime, try getting yelled at by your boss because you didnt make appt’s on time and how theyre going to fire you if you dont “shape up”. Ill admit, our service may not always be at 100% or ever, all im asking is that people start being a little more thankful and nice to the field hands, because its us that keep the system running, not management, its us thats working out in a blizzard when the cable goes down, not the call center and its us that misses our weekends, family events, child milestones and literally have a great potential of dying all in the name of your entertainment and enjoyment of services, not you. So all im asking is please, be a little nicer to the techs, i understand that you all are frustrated,and i truly see where you are all comming from and i am in no way trying to put anyone down here, but there is no and i mean no reason to flag me down just to cuss me out because you feel like being nasty to us to make yourself feel better. Thank you, i hope you will take this message into consideration, happy holidays to you all.

  37. Michael Phillips  Says:

    1) so far have never had a problem with TV

    2) so far Internet has and is giving me speeds that I have paid for

    3) so far no problems with Telephone

    4) So far I have called the Tech support people twice for problems that did not apply to the service of the system and both times they arrived either on time or early and problem was fixed and questions answered.

    4) SORRY I cannot join in the bashing above but haven’t had any of the problems you are all complaining about

  38. Nick - Author Comment:

    It’s not bashing if it’s actual legitimate complaints. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve had trouble-free service.

  39. Jackson  Says:

    Let me join the crowd also! I had newwave high speed internet and like everyone else is saying: “It Sucks!” So, I switched over to AT&T! From what I’m hearing, newwave is suppose to be getting brought out by Times & Warner here in my area. So, I guess we’ll wait and see how good or bad that they service is around here! I have a question to the experienced internet surfers: “Which internet service provider is the best and the fastest and gives a continuous signal without losing connection and having to reset your modem by unplugging it damn near everyday?” From the area that I’m in, the only isp is newwave, at@T and our electrical company, which don’t have speeds no higher than 10 mbps! I just want a good isp at a decent price without going through all the hassle! Is it one avaible anywhere?

  40. James  Says:

    Ha, I was thinking to put up such a page, this is truly a pitiful service in Southeast Missouri. Now I am informed they have implimented bandwidth limits. Stay away!!!

  41. Nick - Author Comment:

    Link to bandwidth limits? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  42. Matt S.  Says:

    I read through this article that you wrote and, I must say, I thank you so very much for doing so. NewWave’s internet has been an immense issue ever sense we signed up for that piece of garbage, as I simply cannot talk to anyone on Skype without it outing on me in the middle of conversation, as I wait for 3 hours for it to go back on. Heck, one time when we called them after a major outtage had occured earlier that afternoon, they had people come over to rewire something for $50. Did nothing, and we wasted $50.

    But then, after reading through this, I suddenly learned why this is. They know that the only other choice we have is obsolete dialup, so they truefully don’t care how crappy their service is: as long as it attracts the most customers, their greedy selves will be happy. It also reassures me that we’re not the only having problems with this unacceptable ISP.

    Anyway, once again, thank you so much. This really uncovers the true facts behind why I can’t surf for an hour or two without an irritating outage occuring near me.

  43. Clint P  Says:

    Oh God I couldn’t agree more with the title.. It’s terrible having NWC the ONLY internet available out here (minus Verizon which doesn’t have FIOS so it’s not reliable either) and it’s terrible. I’ve never begged for a company like Comcast to come to my town… but it’s time. I hate NWC. The guy that comes and fixed issues before is awesome, he does his job well.. but the company and stuff out of his control is atrocious. Terrible speeds. No upload ping over 1. I used to pay for 15 MBPS and it Never reached passed 10-12 so I dropped it to 10, and I still get the 10-12 but it drops out often. A new maintenance every other week. Slow speeds. Goes down far too often. It seems that sometimes even during a good test it’s just incredibly slow.

    As soon as the former internet company (i think it was Frontier) was said to be being replaced by a new ISP, I was excited. But it turned out to be even worse than before, and I didn’t think it was possible.

  44. LaReaux  Says:

    Two and a half years and counting! If the shelf life of this page alone isn’t enough to dissuade people from using New Wave I don’t know what is. I never really had any technical issues with the service. I sit on AT&Ts Redback Pipeline which New Wave leeches off of for this area so my speeds were fairly consistent. My problems came when it was time to pay the bill. I used to have a direct withdraw situation set up with them, but when they started drawing more money from my account then they should’ve I killed that and went to paper billing. About the second or third month into that they tried to tell me that I had failed to pay for the previous month and still owed that balance. I wasn’t happy but what could I do but save my receipts for the future? Another three months on and they did it again, only this time I had the proof. That’s what I thought anyways. Even with the receipt in hand they told me that I still owed a balance of $200 give or take so I had them cancel the service. It was a few years ago so I can’t remember the exact amount, but all in all I believe New Wave outright stole about $600 from me . Who am I going to talk to about that?

  45. kendrell  Says:

    HA I just found this because I was googling if new wave customers had the same problem I had. I pay for the 10mbps and get on average around 1.5-4. I called and they said they guarantee 90% of the 10mbps and … well, I have been their customer for 1 month and have yet to hit anything above 4. I called to have a tech come out and he did not show up. I cannot get them to do ANYTHING except drag their feet, blow off appointments, etc. We play a lot of online games, star wars, wow, etc and it dc’s CONSTANTLY. It lags all the time and it is just unacceptable. I have no other option really in the area. /sigh. I’m at the point that I’d rather just have no internet at all, than keep paying them. And I had to pay the bill upfront, before I even used the service, I guess they probably get a lot of cancellations in service and want to get SOME cash out of it before people give up on them.

  46. Josh Mischler  Says:

    My name is Joshua Mischler. My fiance and I have been new wave internet customers for approximately 2 years. Over the past several months we’ve been plagued with constant internet issues that no one at our local call center seems to understand, or care to fix.

    We ordered the 15mb cable package approximately 2 years ago for steaming video and internet gaming. Initially our problem began with slower than normal speeds which we complained about and eventually just got used to. Then came the connection dropping which has been going on for the past 4-5 months and despite numerous calls to the call center and even speaking to the local network engineer Bart Kotter, the situation is still being left unresolved and ignored. Here’s what happens.

    I have 3 computers on my home network. Its your basic simple home network with security enabled no special bells or whistles. 2 computers can be logged into Skype, AOL instant messenger, world of warcraft, and a voice over ip server. As long as these computers do not disconnect from any of these services voluntarily, they will remain connected and be able to do whatever they please.

    When the 3rd computer tries to connect to anything, it cannot. If either of the other 2 computers try to open a browser and go anywhere on the internet, they cannot. If they disconnect from any of the programs currently running and try to reconnect, they cannot. If you reboot the modem and router, no one can connect to anything.

    All the while, the link lights on the modem say I have a solid connection, as well as the network notification in the system tray. If I attempt to open a browser and visit Google it will time out and ask me to reload. However, if I open a command prompt and ping Google the ping is successful. This problem will go on for anywhere between 20 minutes to 4 hours.

    Now I’m no internet dummy. I hold a CCENT Certification, as well as an A+. I know how to diagnose a connection issue on a home or small business network without much of an issue. After checking over my own hardware to make sure that I personally don’t have anything interfering with traffic, I’ll call new wave’s support line. The only thing the technicians can tell me is “yes I can see that your modem needs to be restarted”. I’ve had a tech visit the house and replace the wall socket for the cable itself, the modem, the filters, run a new RG-11 cable, and I’ve personally replaced the router twice. This problem at this point is on new wave’s end and the best they are offering me is to discount my bill monthly.

    Recently I received a call back from the local network engineer for new wave Mr. Bart Kotter. Mr. Kotter contacted me on December 16th at 6:45pm EST and discussed the problem with me. He assured me that this problem wasn’t a bandwidth issue as he personally had added another gigabyte of overhead to my grid on the network. He then proceeded to tell me that he’d begin flooding my home modem with packets to see if we have a packet loss issue or if its something else. Mr. Kotter gave me his personal cell phone # and his work schedule so that I could get in touch with him at the moment the problem started acting up and he could look into the issue first hand. Since then I’ve heard absolutely nothing back from Mr. Kotter in regards to my issue despite my attempts to contact him personally during the outages.

    Below is my contact log with Mr. Bart Kotter.

    December 16th 6:45pm EST
    Mr Kotter calls me personally to discuss the issue.

    December 30 8:42pm EST
    Text Messaged Mr. Kotter. “Hello Mr. Kotter, This is Josh Mischler. Have you figured out what my internet issue is?” I received no response

    January 4th 9:05pm EST
    Left a voice mail on Mr. Kotter’s personal cell phone. No response.

    We left town to visit family on December 21st, and arrived back home on the 30th. Since arriving back we’ve had nothing but disconnection issues, time outs, reload requests, our service is practically UN-usable. With 2 weeks of solid up time and usage on our connection, I would think that a network engineer working for a national company would’ve come up with something. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for cheap cable internet. However, I’d rather pay full price for what I ordered in the first place and not have to deal with crabby / rude customer service technicians.. Its hard to watch netflix or do any gaming or downloading on internet that will not connect.

    I’ve whittled down to a very short fuze with the 1 888 new wave customer support line at this point and I’ve decided to take this up to ladder. I will however give credit where credit is due. You do have a night manager by the name of Zeth who has been dealing with my issue off and on for the past 2 months. He’s done a wonderful job so far and has been the only sincere tech or manager I feel I’ve dealt with yet..

    At this point I’m taking the step to post my complaint publicly on your facebook page as well as getting in touch with Mark Bookout the General Manager for Southern Indiana. I’ve also called the President’s Hotline to try and get this situation resolved. I am tired of being ignored.

  47. kat  Says:

    Trying to call tech support is useless. Can’t even get through to talk to anyone. Places you on “hold” and tells you to wait until a tech support person can answer your call. I waited 35 minutes!!! Had to listen about all of their offers and still no one answered the call. What a deal. I’m switching to dish or the new boy on the street Clearwave. NewWave SUCKS!!! BTW … I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET A HOLD A TECH SUPPORT PERSON WHEN I CALLED. What a joke!

  48. Randy  Says:

    Since New wave has taken over my ISP it has gone from bad to HORRIBLE!!! alot of sown time, intermittent service and super slow speeds. When I hade problems with the old ISP company they were super prompt on answering the phone and tried everthing they could to help. New Wave, puts me on hold for long periods of time and just says there is a problem in your area without even asking me for my account etc. and they do it in a rude way. It has benn 5 days now of major intermittent service and after 3 days of calling cant even get them on the phone now.

  49. Mike Philliips  Says:

    I Notice that the last response was 12/2013, so I may be late in getting on here… I have been a New Wave Customer for around 2 years and really have had no problems with the internet or phone (I do not have the TV)

    I am retired and am on the Internet off and on most of the time most days…. I cannot say that I have NEVER had a problem, but only once did I call support (Due to it “self Healing” in an hour or so) and a technician was out in about 4 hours and fixed the problem which was not actually with NW but with the modem…

    I routinely check my download speed and am always at or more than I am paying for…

    I am sorry you guys/gals are having the problems, but they just have not plagued me.


  50. Nick - Author Comment:

    I haven’t commented much on here in a while, but I will say that New Wave’s service has improved quite a lot since the over 4 years ago when I originally wrote this article. I still see some slowdowns during peak use, but overall the service has been pretty solid. Ironically, I am considering dropping the HD now. It costs a lot for the HD and DVR add-on, and being a new parent, I have pretty much zero time to fuss with watching TV or shows I DVR’ed.

  51. Anthony  Says:

    New Wave Communications SUX’s big time you would
    think a company with Communications as part would
    at the least be good at communicating and their
    customer service leaves a great deal desired.
    Unlike many of I didn’t choose New Wave. I had my
    internet service with the city of Poplar Bluff, MO. Who sold the Cable and internet service to New Wave for butt load of $cash. I ended up their
    crappie service by default. For example the billing service switched over from the city of Poplar Bluff in Sept. 2014 I received my last bill
    from the city in Aug.2014 stating that any all future billings would come from New Wave.
    However it didn’t happen that way instead the month of Sept. came and went with no bill in the mail on Sept. 26 2014 I started call their service
    and could make contact with any one I also went on their Webb site and tried contact by email still on response. I sent at least 4 emails several surveys voicing the problem still no response was given earlier week I received a phone call threating to shut off my service for nonpayment of the bill that I never received.
    So had to pay $103.65 for service from Sept.21,2014 thru Oct.21,2014 and the jerks still shut off my service. So after doing due diligence
    and checking prices of other ISP’s I have decided
    to go with AT&T as my service provider.
    And not my time crying over New Wave Communications.

  52. Cory  Says:

    Ever since newwave has taken over my local ISP, my internet does not work from 5pm-midnight, They have oversold bandwidth in my area and refuse to fix it. I have talked to several techs and called 15+ times over 2 months and still nothing, stay away.

  53. Nick - Author Comment:

    I’ve just signed up with a local fiber provider. I’ll hopefully be dropping Newwave’s dreadful internet service by the end of the year. Words cannot express how excited I am to get fiber to my house.

  54. frank  Says:

    Add me as another very unsatisfied customer. I’ve been paying for 10Mb down (the max they offer here) and I’m lucky to get 2Mb (even at off peak times). Called and had them send someone out and the tech flat out said that there was nothing he could do because the area is oversold and congested. My question is, how the f*ck can that be legal?
    Really is sad that a company like this can have such a substandard product for so long and still remain in business.

  55. James  Says:

    I can just “copy and paste” Nick’s original post, as this is the EXACT situation I have been in with NewWave. I fought with them over the exact problems for a year or two, then switched to a different provider, and actually enjoyed the internet for a little over a year. Now that company has sold out to another company not much better than NewWave, so here I am, back with NewWave, thinking maybe since it has been a year, it won’t be AS bad. WRONG!! NewWave is THE WORST company I have ever dealt with in my 41 years on this earth, and I have dealt with a lot of companies.

  56. James  Says:

    And it is still exactly as bad as it has been, in my community, for the last 3 years. And I absolutely REFUSE to call and talk to the idiots. My six year old knows more about troubleshooting problems than their “techs”, and definitely knows better how to treat, and talk to people than their “Customer Service” reps. NewWave is a joke. NEVER, EVER pay for their service if you have ANY other choice at all!

  57. Kevin  Says:

    I can honestly say that we have had no real issues with New Wave services, a few latency issues with the internet and some pixeling issues with HD but just a few times.
    My only beef is not enough HD channels and no real pay per choices.
    I work for another cable company but live outside of our service area which is a big bummer.

    New Wave definitely keeps the video rental store in business here in Dexter.
    Overall, happy with the service.

  58. Jeff  Says:

    Every time I call tech support it’s a different problem, even when I know what the problem is. Everyone in this region has the same issue – slowness and outages at night. Only one tech support guy so far has admitted that it’s the local circuitry bandwidth limitations, but when I called to ask when that would be completed they said it already was.

    Wow really? I never would have noticed.

    So of course, they want to send a guy out to look at my house wiring and my modems. And that’s their only ‘solution’. But there’s nothing wrong with them. And that’s as far as I got while trying to solve this problem that every poor soul in this area is having.

    You’ll never get around the run-around. There is no victory for the customers. Spread the word. Get out while you can.

  59. Nick - Author Comment:

    As of December 27th I am completely off of all Newwave services. I finally got access to a local fiber-to-the-home company that has been absolutely fantastic and I’m having satellite installed to replace Newwave’s subpar HD offerings. Very happy at this point 😀

    Hard to believe it was nearly 5 years ago I wrote this post. It’s a shame Newwave’s Twitter account went silent. It was the one thing they seemed to be doing right. Oh well, good riddance!!!

  60. McK  Says:

    Well add me to the list of haters and one day I might just find the one person that WILL listen and WILL do something about New Wave’s BS.
    Same here. I call and call and call complaining that the internet is not working. Day after day after day. Oh, we’ll send a technician out there. The technicians, and I say that very lightly because they are nothing but a bunch of low paid “yes” men…or boys….some with very smart mouths who think it’s funny to tell a customer that if they don’t like the service they are getting, to call up the company and tell them to disconnect it. Yea, I’d want my business run by this bunch of idiots.
    Now let’s get to the problem. Or should I say excuses….?
    The problem is “we have too many people on the lines and we just don’t have the banwidth to take care of them all. But we’re working on it”.
    REALLY? How the hell long does it take to “work on it”, because I’ve called for months….time and time again and I keep getting the same damned excuse! But you let my bill go a few days over, and boy how fast they find my line to shut it off!

    Here’s MY problem with all of this BS. If your tech comes to my house and hands me a line of crap like that, and he tells me that between the hours of such and such when all the kids get out of school and start gaming, and then again during the hours of such and such when everyone gets home from work and gets online, there’s not bandwidth for ME, then why the hell are you charging me for it every month. If I don’t pay, I don’t get service. If I DO pay, I STILL don’t get service! Why am I paying for something I’m not getting??
    Furthermore, I PAY FOR NETFLIX, but New Wave Communications stops me from being able to watch that as well. So now I’m paying for TWO services I can’t use! (and New Wave wants me to turn my television service back on and buy their telephone service too! HAHAHAHAHA! When hell freezes over assholes! You don’t give me what I pay for now. What makes you think I’m so dumb I’d want more of your crap???
    JUST FIX THE DAMN INTERNET ALREADY!! I’M SICK OF THE EXCUSES! And don’t bother to call the “President” like it says if you’re not satisfied with the service you’re local company is giving you or the way they handle your complaint. They don’t call back either! It’s just a big game for the monopolizing bstags.

  61. McK  Says:

    So now after contacting the BBB and filing a complaint, I am told they will give me a “credit”. $5 is supposed to appease me now after this in and out internet for days, weeks and months? And it’s still ongoing.
    I’ve been told by TWO “technicians” now, that if I didn’t like the service I was getting, to “get some other service” or “turn off my service”. This is a one-horse town. There is NO other service to get and they know that! First of all, it isn’t the “service” I don’t like. It’s the LACK OF SERVICE, I’m griping about. If there was any service, I wouldn’t have anything to gripe about!
    Today, one of them called and told me “they know of the issue and they are “waiting to get it fixed….MARCH 15!!!! This is FEB 12! This is not just aggravating, it’s uncalled for! CSpire is putting in fiber in my surrounding areas. Anyone have experience with that? Because if they so much as lay one fiber in my yard, I’m going to tell NewWave to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Maybe THEN, they’ll get the point when everyone drops them like a hot potato!
    GRRRRRRR and they wonder why I’m angry.

  62. James  Says:

    I dropped Newwave Internet several years ago because of slowness and outages. Since then, our DSL has never let us down.

    Last month, I dropped the TV cable because satellite is now cheaper. I put an antenna up for my local channels and it works great, so I may not even get the Dish. I mentioned this to a fellow employee last week, and he is dropping Newwave also. It’s not just bad customer service, it’s also greedy high prices.

  63. JMC  Says:

    Newwave is absolutely horrible. Once again I’m dealing with an outage in southern Illinois… yet they have raised our bill 3 times I believe without any notification. Speeds are horrible, service is even worse and highly over priced. Cannot wait for another company to come in and run Newwave out. I have a friend in a small town in KY that is getting 60 Mbps for $50 a month. I pay $50 a month for what is supposed to be 15. How do you justify these prices for such 7 reliable service?

  64. JMS  Says:

    Yuuuupp… Southern Illinois here also experiencing outage times. Usually Sunday on my day off when I actually get to sit down and try to relax after my work week. This has been three weeks in a row my d/l speeds are less than lmb/ps and upload is 1.5mb. I’ve tested on 4 devices, all the same. No point in calling, I was on hold for 30 min listening to them advertise their reliable awesome internet… I wouldn’t piss on newwave if they were on fire.

  65. Zach  Says:

    Southern Illinois’ Newwave branch is a complete joke. I have “15mbps” but its 1.7. After being on hold for over 30 minutes, I was treated to the “peak hours” excuse that is their #1 cop-out for connection issues. The only other options around here are too slow to even bother with, so here I am stuck with the same terrible service.

  66. Capt Brent  Says:

    My 90yo mother has New Wave…unfortunately. Her phone service has been out for 4 of the last 7 days. Cable about the same. Nice. Forget calling. They’re “upgrading” their system, but can’t explain what that means. When I was in IT, if I had caused widespread outages over multiple states for weeks at a time, I don’t think my customers would have called it an “upgrade”.

  67. McK  Says:

    Since my last post in February, NewWave has proudly boasted that they have upgraded our system so we won’t run out of bandwidth, the largest excuse for the lowest internet service around.
    Unfortunately, the last outage I had a couple weeks ago, I was told by the technician that even thought they upgraded, my troubles are because they are already out of the extended bandwidth. Riiiiight. Something tells me, if you don’t have the money to make the necessary changes to control the costs of your service enough to provide PLENTY of bandwidth, then you need to step down and let someone who can afford to run it, do so.
    Secondly, now they have resorted to hire people to act as their “bill collectors”. These are flunkies who call and threaten you because your bill is 4 days late. Yes, 4 days. On top of that, they have added a $9.00 late fee to a %30.00 bill!! 1/3 rd of the bill for a 4 day late payment? These people who claim they are the home of the “fastest internet service”, better start running faster, because they aren’t gone yet and they need to be.

  68. Steve  Says:

    NewWave communications is without a doubt, hands down, the worst ISP inn the market. We had a local company here before (Texas Gulf Coast Cable), and they were outstanding (was really pretty bad) in comparison before NewWave. I have called and called and called, and NewWave doesn’t care. All they can say is, we will send out a technician next week. The technician comes out and told me the first dozen times, it was my problem. Then the local tech finally told me that the problem was in the office, that they needed to upgrade the equipment, and the management will not do anything about it. I am considering a class action suit for false advertisement as I am paying for 10Mb service and getting 1.5 on a good time of a good day. It is ashamed that this provider continues to take our money and has no regard for the service they are providing.

    I can echo each and every comment here, as they are the exact same problems I have here on the Texas Coast. Evidently their management is incompetent and doesn’t care. How does a class action law suit for false advertisement sound!!! That is my next move!!!

  69. Connie  Says:

    I have had a very bad experience with NewWave. I am a very patient person but this is ridiculous! I cannot watch Netflix or Amazon streaming movies on my tv! It is so frustrating continually getting the messages that the bandwidth is not right! Or, the constant buffering. I had the same service man from the Blanchard Louisiana office come out two times…and sorry but he had no idea what was going on with the issues we have. We are so unhappy with this internet service. Help!!!

  70. Chris  Says:

    My comment is re: the TV cable through NewWave, I am in Beaumont TX, they have been “upgrading” their system for months, last week the “upgrades” were done. All the channels have changed, which really is no problem, BUT they got rid of the guide. Now how do you know which station is which and what is on? I called and my husband talked to the rep. and she said “if you can’t find a program, just call me and I will tell you what station it is on” WHAT ???
    Last weekend there was NO sound on all the local channels. Now TNT has a flashing picture and a clicking sound.
    We are getting our cable service in the RV park as part of our rent. We were also told we could get the guide IF we PAID for a box… I see satellite TV on the horizon !!!

  71. jeff  Says:

    If you’re moving to an area where NewWave is the only cable ISP (because they monopolized the region) and you’re a serious internet user, you should go with satellite internet if you can. The internet was down for a week due to repairs which I would have assumed were related to fixing their excessive speed and outage issues which have always existed, you know, important things related to customer satisfaction, but instead the maintenance only disabled all the unregistered routers in the area (which was the only perk that came close to compensating for the poor service) to increase profits. Basically, for every router they disabled by taking the internet down for a whole week, they’ll get an extra $50 (the cost to add a router to an existing account) in their pockets per month for services most or all in this particular area don’t even get to begin with. I’ve been with NewWave for years, but nothing they’ve done before has made it so clear that NewWave cares more about profits than customer satisfaction. On a side note, does anyone else notice that all the comments from their page get deleted?

  72. Nick - Author Comment:

    They charge you to add your own modem to your account now?
    Wow. That’s awful.

  73. Dee Wheat  Says:

    I’m sitting here on the edge of Beaumont, TX, jumping up and down, albeit figuratively, waving to all of you. Let’s see….where do I start? New Wave bought out my old company almost 22 months ago. Supposedly CMA, the original company, had merely “bandaided” the equipment for years and they were upgrading everything and it would be SOOOOO much better.


    With CMA, I had the rare outage due to either a storm or someone hitting a pole, or some other legitimate excuse. Service outages were rare, attributable to a reasonable cause, and quickly remedied.

    Since the “improvements” things have consistently deteriorated on every level. while I am given too many excuses to count, none of which were New Wave’s fault. Service problems were either due to my faulty equipment (that wasn’t, and is in fact still working perfectly) to the unwillingness/inability of outside contractors to meet their deadlines…it was an endless litany of excuse after excuse.

    Now, almost two years down the road, the upgrades are done. NOW the excuse is that the audio settings on my TV are incorrect so most of my channels have no sound. Well, or if I want sound I can rent a set top box for another $9 a month bringing my basic,expanded basis, and crappy internet which is now $98.02 a month, to $107.02, or if I disconnect the coax and then reconnect it, that will fix it…

    And just now, as I was typing this, every single channel went off.

    Did I mention the clown who, according to caller ID, called me from a private residence who tried his best to bully me into changing my home phone to New Wave?

    Last, but not least, is todays “communications”:
    Aug 22 (5 days ago)

    to me

    Your ticket has been created.


    Martha Wheat
    Sat, 08/22/15 5:11 pm

    How much of my bill is my internet?

    Department Billing

    Dee Wheat
    Aug 26 (1 day ago)

    to 1442492+I95MF
    Wrong. My monthly charge is $98.02, which I have already paid. Now…how much of that is internet?
    8:18 AM (12 hours ago)

    to me

    New message


    Thu, 08/27/15 8:18 am

    do you live at 13500 Hwy 105? if you new monthly rate is 100.50.. looks like your taxes went up.. in the bundle you are paying 35.99 for internet but that rate is due to you being in a bundle package..


    Dee Wheat
    Wed, 08/26/15 5:00 pm

    Wrong. My monthly charge is $98.02, which I have already paid. Now…how
    much of that is internet?

    Wed, 08/26/15 4:51 pm

    101.41 is the balance. your monthly rate is 100.50 … let me know if I can help you with anything else…


    Martha Wheat
    Sat, 08/22/15 5:11 pm

    How much of my bill is my internet?

    Department Billing

    Powered by LiveChat

    Dee Wheat
    1:58 PM (6 hours ago)

    to 1442492+I95MF
    That’s interesting, because I paid my bill IN FULL BY PHONE this week and was quoted $98.02.

    Do NOT expect me to pay for yet another of New Wave’s problems, particularly in light of the fact that I’m still not getting half of what I’m paying for and haven’t since New Wave took over.
    ## New message ## question Sheila Thu, 08/27/15 3:05 pm please call 888-863-9…
    3:05 PM (5 hours ago)

    Dee Wheat
    4:45 PM (3 hours ago)

    to 1442492+I95MF

    All that number does is dump me right into your automated system with no option to actually get to a live, breathing person.

    As for your caring whether I’m happy with my service, I have not been happy since your company bought out CMA.

    My verified download speed is 10.61Mbps and upload is 1.16Mbps, and the only reason the download speed is that high is because I’m not actually trying to download anything. The usual is rarely more than 3.5 for either, and that is the beginning of a long and varied list of problems, beginning with but certainly not limited to the fact that in spite of assurances from the last four people with whom I spoke, the phone number on my account is still not updated.

    Why don’t YOU call ME on the only number that SHOULD be on the account, which is 409-351-5668.

    Click here to Reply or Forward

  74. Jody  Says:

    Thanks for your wave is trying to takeover my area in IL…I have consolidated and they are awesome…awesome customer service and service guys who know there stuff…would never switch….so new wave can stop sending me junk mail

  75. Christian Gregory Sweeney  Says:

    I’m so tired of them and their bullshit. Had Newwave for years now, previously CMA communications in Jasper, TX but they got bought out, not that anything changed.

    Constantly disconnected and reconnected from the internet, mbps constantly fluctuating from 0.01 to 10.00 and sometimes going up into the 40.00 mbs (for the first time today, usually lingers around 20-25) and no matter how many times I call I get the same response:

    “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

    (the hell you are)

    “Reset the modem.”

    No. I’ve already done that a thousand times or more in the past few years alone (not an exaggeration though I wish it was) and it didn’t do anything before, so why would it do anything now?

    “We can send a technician.”

    To do what? To come over, tweak with some wires, say that my modem isn’t well maintained or has been broken (even when it was installed the exact same day, I shit you not) threaten to charge me for having to come over and replace hardware? etc.

    No. No reset of the modem. No technician. Didn’t work the thousands of times before, not gonna work now.

    Fix your shit. I’m stuck with you, so fix your fucking shit Newwave.

    I hate you. If you were a person I’d have killed you by now, but you’re a company- I wouldn’t be able to kill all of you if I tried, and I would not be satisfied with anything less than the complete eradication of everyone involved with you- so why bother.

  76. crissy Hansmeyer  Says:

    hello . Me and my husband have been dealing with the same things for over a year . First we got 30mbs for 45.99 a month for 1 year first month free. Our first bill was a hundred dollars , lol first month free . well OK . then our computer would only work at night never during peek hours . after about 10 tech visits they finally figure out we needed a new modem . so I call newave tell them its finally working right , so the lady tells me that they will credit us a month for all the hassle I didn’t even ask she offered . So each month goes by no credit , so each month we wait for our credit we build up late fees , now 9 months later 200 dollars in late fees never gave me 30 MBS a second , they told me I only purchased the 15 MBS package when I know what I got . they finally credit us 25 dollars , what a joke , we paid over m200 dollars in late fees . so we contacted the attorney general . still nothing , next step is we need to all get together and get an attorney . they will steal from you lie to you . the communication between the employees at this company is non existent . Each employee you talk to has no idea what you and the customer service representative you last spoke to even talked about . The last time I called they wouldn’t even put a supervisor on the phone . So what our we supposed to do as customers, when the company could care less that you are a customer . when they would rather drop your service then fix it or give you a refund . when they false advertise . all we can do is take it to court . So I need you all to contact me . my email is . I have been talking to a few attorneys who are interested in the case .

  77. andy  Says:

    So anyone who complains to the public gets fixed? So how about that shit internet, pissed poor costomer servivce, tech support who cant fix a flat tire with someone doing it for them, how about the repair guys who are schedualed and never show, or how about the the costomer support just now hanging up on me. The list goes on and on. Also ever month im told that the higher than 10mps package will be ready, that was 3 months ago, whats the deal, why am i paying for crap that wont work? I get off work and i just wanna play games and relaxe but the internet is down again. Theres places in Afghanistan with than me.

  78. Mike F.  Says:

    I am in Poplar Bluff, MO and NewWave took over our local municipal ISP. No horror stories here, our service is excellent even at peak hours, we rarely if ever have downtime outside of late night scheduled maintenance, and they have done nothing but update and improve our service and cable TV since. They even doubled our speeds for free, and we get 95-100% of that speed 24/7, 50 down 5 up with low pings. You probably think we just use the internet for email or facebook right? Wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if our household was the one of the heaviest users in this area. The 3 of us eat over 1tb/month in bandwidth easily with everything from gaming to Netflix and other streaming stuff. Good thing there’s NO BANDWIDTH LIMIT. Seriously, short of google fiber I honestly could not ask for better internet service than what I get from NewWave in Poplar Bluff. It’s just about the only thing in Poplar Bluff that doesn’t suck. It’s still not worth living here, but it does help ease the pain.

    I would imagine many, but not all, of the complaints here come from people who do not properly configure their router or other devices. If I had not taught myself how to diagnose and repair basic internet problems over the years there would be many occasions of downtime or other problems that I would erroneously attribute to my ISP. Learn more about your router, your computer’s wireless hardware, and basic diagnostic tools. It won’t help you every time, but it will come in handy.

  79. Nick - Author Comment:

    What a dip shit thing to say. Seriously.
    How is PROVEN network congestion issue EVER a problem with a router or other device?? Please explain to me how a misconfigured router could cause periodic network congestion across all of NewWave’s shitty network? Go ahead, I’ll be waiting.

    Just because you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have issues doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of users affected by NewWave’s lack of service.

    I wrote this article 5 1/2 years ago, and still to this day people add in their experiences with NewWave’s network congestion issues. They know about it and they simply don’t care.

  80. Christian Gregory Sweeney  Says:

    I was put on academic probation when I was in college, because all of our homework is online, and Newwave was fucking up major, like always.

    Internet is no longer something people can do without- just like people can’t do without fax machines or telephones.

    No internet = no job, no education, no life.

    If you have a choice, don’t pick Newwave.

  81. Mike F.  Says:

    Nick, I was not addressing your complaint in particular, but the other complaints on this board that haven’t been researched.

    “New Wave Communications: The Worst ISP in America …” is the 3rd result if someone googles “new wave communications sucks” and naturally the only responses you’re going to normally get are ones from buttfrustrated people with 26 toolbars on their internet explorer who are still waiting to hear back from that Nigerian prince and don’t understand why their internet isn’t working. Those are the complaints I was referring to. Of course, anyone who drops in with a positive review is immediately met with childish insults and ALL CAPS WORDS.

    I only took the time to type my post because first and foremost I am thankful that in such a shitsplot of a town I have A+ internet service for which New Wave deserves one positive review in a sea of complaints, and secondly because you and I both know that what I said is true.

    Most people on the internet haven’t the slightest clue what they are doing when it comes to the links in the chain of their internet connection that they have control over. They’re trying to get HD streaming on 4 wireless devices simultaneously with the cheapest Netgear router available at Walmart, and blaming their ISP because they can’t make out all of the hairs in the Duck Dynasty guy’s beard. They can’t understand why youtube is buffering as they’re torrenting Ron Jeremy’s entire filmography. A racist 9 yr old is freaking out about his lag in Call of Duty not realizing that dad is in the basement beating off to interracial gay porn streams… and they all blame the ISP. You can’t tell me you don’t know that a good percentage of your commenters fall into this category. Many of them would benefit from a better understanding of their own hardware, but that’s not as cathartic as the pitchforks and torches is it?

  82. Dexter resident  Says:

    Well I have been fighting with newwave for over 6 months now about my modem always resetting itself they came out yesterday and hooked up a new one and guess what… it’s not working right. I haven’t touched it nor do I want to its not my thing I don’t pay them for me to have to fix it. But I shouldn’t shell out that kind of money every month for shit Internet and cable Chandos that lose signal all the time.

  83. ed  Says:

    Nice to see l’m not the only one who has these problems.My tv connection goes down at least 3 to 4 times a month. Every time a new company comes in the ser ice gets worse.And forget the presidents promise line,nothing but a big unfunny joke.

  84. Cricket  Says:

    The. Worst. Company. Ever! Since Newwave took over my tv goes out constantly and my internet sucks! I have been in this house for 15 years and this is unequivocally the WORST service I have ever had with any company.
    I have been on the phone with 2 CSR and one Supervisor for the last half an hour and I just don’t have the energy to go on a long rant. Let’s just say my Newwave file folder is full of notes from the numerous calls I have made because my cable box has gone out no less than 4 times, my tv and internet are out a ridiculous amount of times monthly and my internet speed is a JOKE! I have bumped my internet speed from 10 to 50 and it’s still a little faster than dial up. Simply ridiculous! Our hands are tied because they have a monopoly and I can’t figure out how it is legal.

  85. Amy  Says:

    I tried posting a reply on their reviews on other websites & it will not allow me or state that conversation closed. I HATE this cable service very much. My kids dad used to work for this company & he was a pretty smart cable installer (still is) if it weren’t for him I’d be without cable all of the time. Its ridiculous the things he has to fix for me because they WILL NOT! They state they’ll send someone out, but never do or the guy they send out knows nothing & fixes NOTHING. I pay $290.00 a month for the WORLDS most crappiest cable/internet & I am sick of it. My cable keeps going up & we are not renting movies here either. I am still a paying customer here NEW WAVE & just because he was an employee (who they wrongly termenated) does not mean they can jack up my service prices that high. They fired him with not much of an excuse & that pathetic manager Mike Burns (which of whom is a liar & a fake, only fixed the problem of a smart, intelligent customer because he went big & complaint on the internet, otherwise they would have never fixed the issue because they’re all idiots at this cable company) does not mean jack up the cable cost. F.Y.I people this company is planning on selling out to another company within the next year or two. They tell their employees once they do they’ll all get (depending on how long you have worked for their wonderful company, but then fire any employee over a certain time frame so they cannot reap any bennifits verbally offered) 10-30% of what the company sells bonus lol… Righhht. This company knows their fire laws in the state of good ole Indiana (a place where hard working residents have no rights & the hire/fire law is pathetic). I’m not rambling because I am mad at the whole fire my kids father (bc it was the best thing they did, due to he makes more money now then that worthless General Manager Mike Burns) I’m rambling because I’m am so fed up with paying high prices for literally shit. You would think for $290 a month I’d have all the HD channels, all the movie channels, & all the basic & family channels. NOPE!!!!! I DO NOT have cinemas, or all the HD channels, or ALL the basic. This place is a rip off. When I was in Comcast/xfinity area I paid less, had ondemand (which this sad company does not), more channels, faster internet & better quality professional workers & on call staff. This place needs help. Not a GM like this who does not fix problems until someone has spread them for the entire world to see. I’m moving soon in an xfinity area & I am so thankfu .

  86. Amy  Says:

    & to the reply above about not configuring routers correctly is a load of crap. Starters at other cable companies you do not have to continue to mess with the router or generic BS like that. Like I mentioned my kids father was an installer for this generic company & he’s constantly fixing my equipment & BTW my internet goes out everyday around noon & it appears a little funny each day it will do this around the same time. I have cable & internet loss guaranteed a couple days a week & I live in town here in BrownCounty, but there is always a excuse & I feel I should be refunded each & every time I am without service. No on demand is pathetic enough lol.

  87. Jason  Says:

    We never had any problems with cma but to the day that new wave took over it went to crap but the last three months has been the worst we had 27 hours of Internet don’t even try talking to customer service that’s a joke or try to get a repair man I ask about a break on my bill and was told no it’s like going to a store and purchasing all your items and not getting them where we live we have no other option but it’s funny when cma was our provider never had any problems except for a storm or high wind they even went up on our bill we pay for Service and get nothing trust me new wave sucks in every category of their Company : Enterprise,MS

  88. L Andrews  Says:

    I guess I can join the other 80-some people who have problems with New Wave. I am also one who lives in an area with no choice of cable providers. I have also had problems with TV service and, now, am having problems with internet services which I recently signed up for. I do have to say that they do come out when they say they will and usually do fix the problem, though it often is just a temporary fix because I soon have problems again.
    Another complaint I have against New Wave is that they do charge extremely high prices for their crappy services. I cannot add much to what everyone else has said about this crappy cable company because I have had pretty much all of the same problems.
    I would be very happy if, like Amy said, New Wave is planning to sell out to another company. However, this does not guarantee the new company will be any better. New Wave, in my area, took over from Charter (another crappy cable company), but the service did not get any better, so. . .

  89. Matt  Says:

    I have had issues for about 3 years now with new wave. They initially dropped a temporary line down the side of my road going to the next houses a few hundred feet down. They left this lay in the road or in my yard for about two years with multiple calls to have it buried. Mowing the lawn was a chore. Each time you had to have someone hold there wire up so you could mow under it. Then they came and laid it in the road after complaints of it being in the yard for over a year. For the next year each time it got hooked on someone’s car which was generally the mail mans while trying to deliver mail it’d drag the wire and rip stuff out of the box at the road and my internet would be down. This caused so many outages it was out more then it was on. I’d call the hotline. I’d go into the main office and each time they’d blame it on the last technician saying the job was complete and that the wire had been buried. Fast forward another year… they put the wire into the ground however there contracted help put the wrong size conduit under the driveway believing they were just using the temporary orange wire that they had laying along the road. The larger diameter black main wire they bury down the road for miles wouldn’t fit in the conduit. The guy with the bucket truck stated he had to get them back out to put in a new conduit. Well three weeks and a few complaints later after losing internet service many times and they came out and reached across the drive. The wire was finally buried. There unused conduit still sticks up on either side of the drive. I was told by a lady named Belinda this job would finally be completed by the first of the year. The conduit, the flags, a roll of temporary wire, plus a wire sticking out of the ground they half dug up and bricks they dug up still remained. The internet still goes out about every two to three days with glitching going on continuously with Netflix and any other streaming service even when directly wired to the modem. The modem has also been changed as they tried to blame there poor service on it at multiple times. The issues aren’t caused by the modem or my wiring at my house. When my internet is out the internet for the next two houses which are the end of the line in my neighborhood are also out. This Belinda who is a district manager here in this area of Indiana near terre haute claimed I was lying. She ended up having notes placed on my account that only she was permitted to work on or make any service calls or any adjustments to my account. Since then you call the hotline and they say you have to talk to Belinda she is a manager in your area. Belinda is seldom available. Belinda has yet to fix the issues. I ended up re breaking my toe last spring when trying to pull there wire out of the road. They claimed that was my fault. That happened on the day that the mailman had it caught on his bumper and actually ended up snapping what appeared to be aluminum on the outside of the main burial drop causing the neighborhood to once again lose service. I’ve called the presidents hotline. It’s a recording. I never got an answer from that. What a waste of time that was. Once again just three days after the last time and hours spent buffering and internet is down again out here. I’ve only received good help and good repairs when I could put public posts on there Facebook account. Seems they’ve disabled that option. If anyone happens to have a direct line in to the president or Vice President feel free to share it. Maybe we could all potentially get some repairs done properly for once because this Belinda sure isn’t doing her job.

  90. Shannon myers  Says:

    The worst service ever! I call multiple times EVERY MONTH! I’ve had no success… I’ve had at least 2 supervisors hang up on me because I called them out on the multiple excuses and reasons they gave me in a single phone call which none of the information they had was correct…my question is why have tech support when they never can help you???? Plus they mostly have poor attitudes

  91. Mark  Says:

    Leave it to New Wave to get even worse after 7 years…

    I received a notice today that my internet is now “faster”. I was “upgraded” from 50Mbps to 100Mbps. After checking the website, this letter neglected to mention that the plan is now capped at 300GB (from the previous 1TB) and the 5Mbps upload is now 3Mbps. (Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but last I checked, 3 is less than 5, which I believe would be more accurately described as “slower”) I carried the more expensive package previously solely for the faster upload speeds.

    I’m not sure how this misleading marketing garbage passes as legitimate customer communication. Guess it just goes to show that net neutrality really does matter, because New Wave certainly does not have the customer’s best intentions in mind whatsoever. I can’t see what the future holds!

    Also, I should mentioned the 3Mbps upload “upgrade” wasted no time taking effect. However, my 30Mbps down seems to be a tad short of the claimed 100Mbps…

  92. Matt  Says:

    The data cap is simply the latest in a long string of poor decisions by this company in all of the markets that it services. Unfortunately, however, they do not seem to care about their reputation. They routinely ignore customer complaints, and in all of the markets that I personally deal in (as a travelling PC technician) they are generally regarded by most people as having low quality customer service, poor support, and frequent outages. I’ve had customers choose ADSL connections over the (supposedly faster) New Wave connections just to avoid the customer service nightmares and outages.

    The fact that they’ve decided to cap data is just the nail in the coffin of whatever reputation they have left. If you live in an area where you have no choice, you are simply stuck though, and there’s no escaping it.

    Actually finding a satisfied NW customer is fairly difficult. In 2016 and 2017 our corporate office (with a New Wave connection) was down over 8 times, one time for FOUR DAYS with a bunch of apologies. Repeated calls to tech support. The only thing I can say, is that their business tech support will show up on time, whether they actually fix the problem is another story.

  93. James T  Says:

    Decent, and pretty reliable, I pay for 100 down / 3 up and rarely have any issues… also this speed test was ran with a 1080P netflix stream playing on the TV

  94. Nick - Author Comment:

    By 2019 standards that is hilariously slow. Newwave is living a decade in the past as usual.
    My current 2019 speeds with an actual good ISP:

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