The Good Guys wreck a WS6… or did they?

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So I am sitting here watching one of my newest favorite shows, The Good Guys on my DVR when I happened to notice something interesting.

In the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” episode (Episode 9, Season 1), there is a Navy Blue Pontiac TransAm WS6 fully decked out with ZO6 wheels.  Very pretty and still one of my favorite muscle cars to this day (damn you GM/Pontiac).  As you can see, it clearly has the chrome ZO6 wheels, TransAm nose, Ram Air hood, and TransAm raised spoiler:

But, as this show tends to do, things get blown up and wrecked.  This particular car has the unfortunate fate of smashing in to a retaining wall and getting rolled over.  A truly cringe-worthy site.  Or is it?

Just before the car is wrecked, you see it driving down the road, and I believe this is still the WS6 as in this frame it looks like you can still see the dual-spoke ZO6 wheels on it, and I think the raised spoiler:

Something caught my eye (partially because my buddy had tipped me off to this ahead of time, so I was paying particularly close attention to it), but the car that was rolled was not the same WS6 seen earlier in the show, and in all likelyhood it was just a V6 done-up to look like a WS6.

What’s this?  This doesn’t look like the raised TransAm spoiler.  This looks like a standard V6 spoiler:

And the money shot… single spoke wheels instead of the dual spoke ZO6 wheels, and the flat V6 spoiler!  It is interesting to note though, that they did go through the effort of using a V6 that has the TransAm nose piece and Ram Air hood.

And just a couple more shots confirming:

I thought it was interesting at least.  I’m glad they didn’t destroy a WS6 🙂

This show has impecable taste in cars… I mean hell, the main characters drive around in a 2nd-gen TransAm.  It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

If you haven’t checked out The Good Guys yet, you should.  It is currently on Thursdays, but it is getting moved to Fridays for the Fall Season.  I am glad to see it’s going to get a chance in the fall and wasn’t just a summer show, but I am slightly worried for it.  When I saw they are moving it to the Friday time slot I got worried because Fox seems to have a habit of canceling shows after the spend a season in the Friday death-slot.  Good luck The Good Guys, you’re a great show and deserve a long healthy run!