First site redesign, ever!

13 years is a long time, especially for something to exist on the internet. 13 years ago this October I launched this WordPress powered blog and began mashing out random rants, raves, musings, pictures, and the occasional helpful bit of information.  This site launched on WordPress 2-point-something in 2007, and I have used the same OLD theme ever since then.  The backend has been maintained and I run the latest WordPress 5 release, but the front end has remained steadfast.  I’m a creature of habit in a lot of ways, and that combined with my free time being at a premium these days resulted in the same theme for 13 years. Over the years sticking with the same old style WP theme created some growing pains, but it was always just easier to patch or hack around an issue than redesign. Today that changes and I am launching a whole new look for my blog. Not out of any particular necessity, but more so I think it’s finally time to grow up a bit. It is time for a cleaner look, and a website with a responsive design that actually looks good on mobile devices. Using a modern theme will also make the site much easier to maintain/change/customize going forward, as well as avoid an potential issues that could crop up in future backend updates.  Really, running the same front end for 13 years, and it still being 99% functional from an ever-changing backend is pretty damn impressive to me. Kudos WordPress, kudos.  All of the original features and my long history of posts are still here and still at the same url’s, so everything should function more or less how it did before. It just looks a whole lot nicer now. I’ve even got a couple new blog posts planned out that I will hopefully be posting soon, so stay tuned!

Now Gravatar Friendly

What’s a Gravatar you ask?

Simply: it’s a universial avatar.  A service that gives your email the same avatar any where you post (that supports Gravatars of course).

I’ve known about them for a while but never really bothered messing with it.

I must admit, the Gravatar Website is ridiculously easy to use.  I mean seriously, stupid easy.  It took me less then 3 minutes to set up an account, upload my image, and crop and size it how I wanted on their site.

Since I figured I have an account, I should use them some how, right?

All comments on all posts now support Gravatars, so if you have one, we’ll get to see it now.

If you don’t have one, you seriously have no excuse not to if you comment on here or other sites a lot.  It is too easy to NOT have one.  Bravo to the Gravatar people.  They put together a nice easy-to-use service.

A change in permalinks

I have changed the way my blog handles/creates permalinks to my articles.
The new format is much more search engine friendly, and looks better IMO.
My site was having a few issues for an hour or so earlier while I hammered out the precise apache rewrite rules to make it do what I was wanting to.
Everything should be working fine now though.
I also updated the time… apparently it has been an hour off forever.
Carry on.

Search added to site

You can now search this site using the new link at the top, obviously labeled “Search”.

I found my self looking for older blog entries in my own blog and decided it was time for a search page.

It’s pretty plain-jane and straight forward for now.  I hope you find it useful.

I know at least I will!