A change in permalinks

   February 17th, 2009

I have changed the way my blog handles/creates permalinks to my articles.
The new format is much more search engine friendly, and looks better IMO.
My site was having a few issues for an hour or so earlier while I hammered out the precise apache rewrite rules to make it do what I was wanting to.
Everything should be working fine now though.
I also updated the time… apparently it has been an hour off forever.
Carry on.

3 Responses to “A change in permalinks”

  1. Nick - Author Comment:

    Adding on… just finished updating all of my posts with categories! yay!
    My blog is growing up so fast 😥

  2. KrAzE  Says:


    I formatted my urls as simple title only. This rocks for finding posts too.. just type what you thought it was and the php will redirect to the closest thing.

  3. Nick - Author Comment:

    Yeah, it’s pretty neat! I hadn’t done it before due to a problem with .htaccess files being blocked on the server. Ended up being able to edit the main apache config for it though 😎

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