Now Gravatar Friendly

   September 23rd, 2009

What’s a Gravatar you ask?

Simply: it’s a universial avatar.  A service that gives your email the same avatar any where you post (that supports Gravatars of course).

I’ve known about them for a while but never really bothered messing with it.

I must admit, the Gravatar Website is ridiculously easy to use.  I mean seriously, stupid easy.  It took me less then 3 minutes to set up an account, upload my image, and crop and size it how I wanted on their site.

Since I figured I have an account, I should use them some how, right?

All comments on all posts now support Gravatars, so if you have one, we’ll get to see it now.

If you don’t have one, you seriously have no excuse not to if you comment on here or other sites a lot.  It is too easy to NOT have one.  Bravo to the Gravatar people.  They put together a nice easy-to-use service.

9 Responses to “Now Gravatar Friendly”

  1. Nick - Author Comment:

    See, Gravatar!! —————->

  2. KrAzE  Says:

    Cool, I set one up a while back I think for some other peoples sites.

  3. KrAzE  Says:

    And apparently it forgot me…but when I recreated the account all my icons were still saved.

  4. KrAzE  Says:

    nope, its all set on my side..forget what I said.

  5. Nick - Author Comment:

    It should be based off what ever email you use when you post a comment. If you don’t have that email on your Gravatar account, add it and it should automatically pull in your icon.
    edit: I see you have that set… not sure why yours aren’t working? Maybe Gravatar needs to update or something since you had to recreate your account.

  6. Brandon  Says:

    It takes them a while to kick in after creating an account. I didn’t see them on Nodnarb.Net at first. Now you need to convince Ryan to sign up 🙂

    – B

  7. Nick - Author Comment:

    Kraze, the only thing I see that might be causing a problem is that your “G” rated avatar isn’t showing up, while mine and Brandon’s is.

  8. KrAzE  Says:


  9. Nick - Author Comment:

    Haha man what is wrong with your Gravatar… Are you rating it G?

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