Funny “insider” type joke in the new Ghostbusters video game

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On June 16th the new Ghostbusters Video Game came out.

Being a HUGE fan of the series for the majority of my childhood, I decided to do something fairly rare (in my world at least), and that was to actually purchase the game.

Luckily it was made available on Steam, which I already have an account on and is where I’ve been buying the majority of the [few] game I actually purchase.  Steam has so many advantages to it, I feel it really adds value to a game when you can buy it through Steam.

But anyway, I was playing some Ghostbusters tonight having a complete blast.  After destroying the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, it was time to return to the Ghostbusters HQ.

Upon arriving I decided to take the spare down time I had and explore the HQ a bit.  I mean, what child of the 80’s WOUDLN’T want to walk around the GB HQ?  And let me tell yah, they got it PERFECT.  Not only the HQ really but the whole game is done very very very well and you can really tell while playing it that they put a lot of time in to the story and game play to make it an authentic and enjoyable experience.

During my wondering around I noticed Winston hunched over a computer screen.  I looked at the computer screen and started laughing… here is what I saw (cropped image):

ghost_w32 2009-06-17 21-42-18-42

I know it’s a little hard to see… but it is the final screen from the absolutely ABYSMAL original Nintendo Ghostbusters video game!  Complete with misspellings and completely fucked grammar.  I couldn’t help but laugh, and it really made me appreciate the detail put in to this game even more… even giving a little jab to the complete abomination known as Ghostbusters on the Nintendo.

I’d also like to say that if you’re a fan of the movies, a child of the 80’s, you will LOVE this game and I really suggest you buy it to show your support for projects such as this one.  The game isn’t just a game, it feels like you’re part of the movie.  It really makes you want to get out your little plastic proton pack with yellow foam confinement beam, run around the backyard, and bust some ghosts!

R.I.P. Launch Day 360

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It was a mildly chilly November night when 3 friends and I camped outside a Sam’s Club to get our hand on the first XBox 360’s.  Some of us sold them on Ebay, some of us sold our spot in line, some of us bought and kept the 360.

Last night, the 360 I bought that cold, tired morning in Novemeber 2005 died on me.  She was striken down by the infamous red-ring of death, virtually gauranteed to take down all first run 360’s.  Of course it was my rotten luck that it died barely 3 months out of the extended 3 year warranty Microsoft had enacted.

We had many good times together, countless games played alone, online, and with friends.  Countless DVD’s and HD-DVD’s watched.  She will be missed.

This morning I managed to track down one of the new Jasper 360’s and have got it all set up.  This new model runs cooler, uses less power, is quiter, has HDMI output, a new CPU (from the Falcon 360), and now a new GPU.  This is supposed to once and for all finally fix the 360’s red ring problem caused from excessive heat from the old CPU and GPU’s.

Only time will tell I suppose.

While I knew that my 360’s days were numbered, it is still disappointing that I bought a console that only lasted 3 years.  I have an original Nintendo Entertainment System that is over 20 years old that still [mostly] works to this day.  My SNES, N64, and Game Cube all still work flawlessly as well.   In my opinion Microsoft should have given a life time coverage against the specific red ring issue to all products effected.  Microsoft sold a defective product and they should stand behind their mistakes.  I realize that extending the RROD warranty coverage to 3 years was a huge cost to MS, but IMO it doesn’t make it right.   Look at me… I supported 360 from day 1 and what do I get?  Nothing but being $200 poorer for needing to replace my known defective console.

I leave you with a few memories of one of the last running Launch Day consoles I knew of…

TF2 Dedicated Server Rant

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Where to start with this one…

I just spent the better part of 2 hours trying to configure a dedicated TF2 server with the Beetle’s Mod admin plugin… what appears to be the only functioning admin plugin out there worth a fuck for TF2.

And you know where I’m at now?  FUCKING NO WHERE.  I have given up, deleted all the server files, and told Steam to get fucking BENT for having absolutely shit support and documentation on how to configure a fucking server.  And on top of that, an even bigger fuck you to whatever assclown pieced together that piece of shit known as Beetle’s Mod.

First off, installing the TF2 dedicated server on a plain machine with out Steam on it is a royal fuck in the ass.  Go ahead and try and figure it out with out googling and reading through other forum posts.  I dare you to.

You won’t get far.

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