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iPhone 2.2 Jailbreakers, free up space from previous Jailbreaks!

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I noticed that after my upgrade and reinstalling my apps I was missing a huge chunk of my free space.
I got to investigating and noticed that every folder in /private/var/stash was duplicated!  It appeared as though it still had my old folder from the first upgrade on there… as well as the newly made folders.
Some quick googling turned up this nugget of information:

I believe BigBoss is referring mostly to the extra directories under /private/var/stash. Each time Cydia runs “for the first time”, it moves and symlinks some directories there to ensure that the root partition doesn’t run out of space. If that was over your head, stop reading, and follow his instructions above.

Still with me? Okay, so first off it’s these directories that are showing as “Other” in iTunes. That’s fine, and it’s totally normal for there to be a decent amount of space showing that way.

The problem comes when Cydia runs again on the “Upgraded” device, and goes and creates all these directories over again, resulting in double the space consumed (though I personally didn’t see quite as much as 500mb).

If you are comfortable poking around *nix, the cleanup you asked about is generally straightforward. Just stroll over to /private/var/stash, do an ls -al and delete the older of any duplicate directories (Applications.23981, Applications.sidufh, etc.). If they have the same date, you’ll need to find for the symlink and see which one’s current.

As always, backup first, and if you brick your device, go back and follow BigBoss’ instructions above. 😛

So I deleted the old duplicate folders that didn’t need to be there any more and got back over 800mb of free space!!

I’ve some screen shots so you get what I’m talking about…

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Nintendo DS Wifi Sucks

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1) It only works with 64 bit WEP encryption. (supposedly… I never got it to)

Yup, you might as well just stick your dick in a hooker’s ass, it’s that unsafe.

2) It doesn’t work.  Period.

To even get the damn thing to do a successful connection test I had to COMPLETELY disable encryption on the router (I tried 2 different routers.  A Linksys WRT54GC running stock firmware, and a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT Firmware).  For 2 weeks now, every single game I have tried that supports WFC completely fails to connect.  Nintendo’s error numbers seem to be completely arbitrary as I get a different one each time and when I look them up they all mean something different or people have no clue what they mean at all.

Nintendo DS WFC is completely useless.  It simple does not work.

I’m not even going to touch on the “Friend Code” bullshit, because I think every one knows by now how horrible that works.

My Xbox360 is never ever ONCE had a single issue connecting to XBox Live.  Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any problems running a huge service for real consoles, yet Nintendo can’t seem to build a free infrastructure for handhelds?!  But maybe I hit on to something there… XBox Live costs a few bucks a month.  Maybe Microsoft actually uses that money to support Live’s infrastructure.  It is clear that Nintendo does NOT support their’s as it hasn’t worked for every day of the 2 weeks I have owned my DS.

Lucky for them I’m not a HUGE online gamer… but I would’ve at least liked to have tried the damn thing out… even if it was just once…

Back to fragging on the 360.

Frank Caliendo is NOT funny

Attention: This content is 16 years old. Please keep its age in mind while reading as its contents may now be outdated or inaccurate.

The title says it all. He is not funny.
It’s bad enough I have to be subjected to his TERRIBLE impersonations and “jokes” every Sunday while waiting for my Bears game to come on, but this hack actually has commercials as well.
Seriously… who has ever found this guy funny?
His impersonations are so horrible 90% of the time I can’t even tell who he is impersonating.
His jokes make me cringe. I can’t even crack a smirk when he rattles off one of his stupid cracks.
I suspect people who find him funny also enjoy reality TV, think Chris Angel is the best magician ever, and probably use Macs.