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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I can’t belive it’s going to be November already.  WHERE DID OCTOBER GO?!

Anyway, have fun and be safe out there.  The girlfriend and I plan on feeding the little monster roaming the neighborhood for a while, then heading out for a delicious D’Arcy’s Pint Horse Shoe.

I leave you with Bob’s RC Pumpkin

Vista Bashing – I’m SICK of it!

It seems that every single day I stumble on another article, newscast, or person, who is brainlessly bashing Vista.  I’m fucking sick of hearing it.

Every single one of these articles I have seen appears to be written by some talentless hack who has either not used Vista, or someone who has no fucking business touching a computer in the first place.

I have been running Vista for nearly 2 years now and am currently running it on both my desktop and my laptop and I have NEVER had a problem with it.  ALL of my hardware worked painlessly and I have not seen a SINGLE software compatibility issue.

It just boggles my mind when I read articles that say “It took me 16 months to get it working”.  I mean… my mind just can’t comprehend what is so god damned hard about it.  Seriously?  What is it?

Yes, it has it’s little quarks and annoyances, but there is no reason to avoid it.  It is a great, fantastic, VERY stable OS.  Anyone who claims otherwise probably doesn’t understand computers and is scared of change.

Rant over.

So Long iGoogle!

It’s been almost a week now and iGoogle still has no option of reverting.  It is still loading slow and the new way their “widgets” load is fucking terrible.

As of today I am changing my home page on all of my machines at work and home.  I refuse to use a home page that looks and functions like crap.

My new home page, which it seems a lot of iGoogler’s are fleeing to, is Netvibes.  A very clean, organized, and functional ajax home page.  I have it set up exactly like my iGoogle page was, matching feeds in the same place and it even has a Gmail widget so I can still keep an easy eye on Gmail!

If you used iGoogle and are upset with their changes, leave them.  Leave them now and be happy with your new home page.  I know I am!



Move that nasty EA Games folder out of Documents!

My girlfriend loves The Sims 2.  Unfortunately she has to play it on my main computer because it’s also a gaming rig so it handles The Sims 2 with ease, where as her computer would stroke out.

Because of this The Sims 2 is installed on my computer.

I have my system setup with multiple hard drives, but for the sake of this article, we’ll say I have my C: which is where Windows and all it’s crap is installed, and I have a D: where I install all my games and keep the [legal] images for them and stuff.

Well The Sims 2, thanks to EA’s shitty programming, when installed to another location besides the C:, like the D:, even though it installs to d:\program files\ea games\the sims 2 it still feels the dire need to install files on you C: in your Documents folder!  Even more so, if you have every expansion pack and add on like we do that EA Games folder on your C: can balloon up to over 5gb!!!  This is incredibly frustrating because this is the EXACT reason why I install games to the D: I want to keep ridiculous amount of files OFF my much smaller C:

As far as I know, I am the first person that has come up with a way to move this folder-of-shit off of your C: and to any other location you please.

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Updated iGoogle – WTF?

Going to make this short and sweet.

What the fuck is up with the new iGoogle home page?  They moved the “tabs” from the top where it was nice and sleek to bulging out the side fucking up the whole screen layout.

This looks like absolutely ass and I hate it.  FAIL google.

I am not alone in the utter disgust of this change.

If anyone knows how to switch it back, please leave a comment.

EDIT:  You can change it back (for now) by going to your Settings page, and setting your Language to (English UK)

This will only last until Google forces this new load of manure on the UK as well.

EDIT 2: This fix does not seem to stick between page reloads.  FAIL.