So Long iGoogle!

   October 22nd, 2008

It’s been almost a week now and iGoogle still has no option of reverting.  It is still loading slow and the new way their “widgets” load is fucking terrible.

As of today I am changing my home page on all of my machines at work and home.  I refuse to use a home page that looks and functions like crap.

My new home page, which it seems a lot of iGoogler’s are fleeing to, is Netvibes.  A very clean, organized, and functional ajax home page.  I have it set up exactly like my iGoogle page was, matching feeds in the same place and it even has a Gmail widget so I can still keep an easy eye on Gmail!

If you used iGoogle and are upset with their changes, leave them.  Leave them now and be happy with your new home page.  I know I am!



2 Responses to “So Long iGoogle!”

  1. pb  Says:

    I’m about to leave igoogle as well. this “upgrade” is insane. I’m signed up for netvibes, but the problem with it is, I need a google calendar widget, a google notebook widget, and a google reader widget just like I have on my igoogle. The gmail widget works great on netvibes, but the others either aren’t avaliable, or aren’t letting me sign in to see my stuff. lame.

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Yeah, I had the Google calendar widget on my iGoogle as well… luckily though I didn’t really use it for anything besides the date. I had a couple reoccurring things for paying bills, but those are in my phone as well so I shouldn’t miss them too much.
    That is the one down side… Google has a lock down on some of their proprietary things like calendar and notebook.

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