Android Lollipop Bullshit

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Android 5.0 Lollipop came out back in mid November 2014.  So, it has been out a couple months as of the writing of this.  There are a lot of really annoying bugs in Lollipop like caller ID pictures just refusing to show up, silent mode completely broken, horrible navigation icons, and lock screen no longer locking the phone.

But the worst thing about Lollipop is the CONSTANT memory leakage.  I have a Nexus 5 and this shit is out of control and Google hasn’t done shit all to fix it yet.  Pre-Lolliflop, my Android devices could quite easily obtain MONTHS of uptime, and reboots were usually just to due something like updating the recovery image or something.  In Lolliflop, something is leaking memory at the system level so severely that the phone can’t even make it 2 weeks with out getting so low on useable ram that even the damn keyboard will open, so you have to restart your phone if you even want to just be able to text people again.

Check this out:

Clean boot, you have System using 246mb of ram, with 1.1gb free for more apps to run and stuff:

Screenshot_2015-01-26-07-14-16You can see my background services humming along nicely, and the phone is generally very snappy and nice to use aside from other crappy Lollipop bugs.

After 12 days of uptime (291 hours to be exact) the phone bogs down to a crawl, the launcher has to redraw every time you come back to it, background services are unable to run, widgets are constantly killed (notice how my services are all listed as “restarting” instead of showing run time?), and the keyboard will no longer stay open long enough to type out a complete url.  System is now hogging up 1.1gb of leaked memory, leaving a paltry 517mb of memory for other apps to run in… which is obviously not really enough since they keyboard keeps getting killed.


So we went from Kitkat that could easily hit months of uptime to Lollipop that literally can’t keep itself running past 12 days?!  Seriously, what in the actual fuck Google?  I absolutely refuse to believe that they couldn’t have seen this in the MONTHS of testing that lead up to the release.  So, the Android team knew of this completely broken OS, and fucking pushed it out to everyone.  What’s even worse, is that we’re going on nearly 3 months of this shit now, with no word from Google on a potentially incoming fix.  For a Nexus device, this is absolutely shameful, and heads should be rolling at the Android team.  Unfortunately it looks like they’re becoming complacent in their market share domination.  A happy user, this does not make.  Fix your shit Google.