Photo Project 52. Week 35 – War

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What is better than the weekend?  How about a holiday weekend!  It is September already and Labor Day weekend is upon us.  I had the opportunity to head out to the Kincaid Labor Day weekend fair.  Kincaid is a small town (population is less than 2,000), but it seems the small towns know how to have the most fun.  That was definitely the case with their Labor Day fair.  While they have many events going on over the whole weekend, including bands and a car show, I decided to go to their tug-of-war competition today (and might go out to the car show tomorrow).  My Uncle-in-law was in it, so that was a good enough excuse for me to head out and shoot some photos.  I shot over 300 photos over the course of about three hours.  With so many shots to go through it was tough to narrow it down to just one.  I ended up going with this one because of the action it captured.  From the dirt kicking up on the ground to the struggle in their faces.  I also spent some time manually selecting out the team and adjusting the background’s levels a bit to make them pop out of their surroundings.  I like how it turned out a lot!