Photo Project 52. Week 28 – Festival

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I love summer.  Have I mentioned that yet?  This was a busy weekend with a lot of things going on.  Family having parties, the Christian County Fair, as well as the Chatham Sweet Corn Festival.  We some how made it to everything we wanted to and had a great day.  Our last stop was in Chatham for Sweet Corn.  Sweet Corn is an annual gathering hosted by the Chatham Jaycees at the Chatham Community Park.  The main attraction is, of course, sweet corn (and beer).  You can get other food as well, but most people come for the corn.  There are also other vendors selling things like kettle corn and other fried snacks.  Once the sun starts setting, the music starts rocking.  This year’s saturday night band was Area 51 from Lawrenceville Illinois.  They are a cover band, and while I’m usually not a fan of cover bands (having been subjected to the now defunct F5 might have ruined cover bands for me, I could not stand them), I actually liked Area 51.  They played some really great songs and their vocals were really well done.  I enjoyed them a lot and would definitely go see them again and hope they play future Sweet Corns.