Photo Project 52. Week 20 – Solitary

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Another beautiful spring weekend and another day of wondering around taking shots.  I decided to attempt something I have failed previously at, HDR photos.  It seems like when ever I have done them before they have never turned out how I like, but today I got several HDR shots that I was pretty happy with.  I used the camera’s Auto Exposure Bracketing feature which made snagging the HDR shots tons easier!  For the uninitiated, HDR, or High Dynamic Range is basically one photo that has been merged from several photos of varying exposure levels in to a single image, creating a unique and surreal looking picture.

This is one of those lone trees you see in a field along the side of the road.  Nothing else around it but the currently empty field.  I suspect there was once a house here, but the house is long gone, just leaving this tree behind.  The tree is unique also in that it appears to have been struck by lightning at some point since it has a weird strip of bare tree running down it with no bark…  Any how, here it is: