Photo Project 52. Week 11 – Preparations

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Whew, it has been a crazy week!  For those that don’t know, I am getting married in 3 weeks.  We are having a beach sunset wedding in Fort Myers, Florida.  After the wedding, we will be out of the country for a week on a cruise.  I am very excited, and I still intend on taking photos for my Photo 52 Project, but they may not be posted right away (the main one would be the week we’ll be out of the country, as I won’t have any access to the internets).  This weekend we had our couples Wedding Shower, and the whole week has been crazy busy leading up to it.  I was walking around the hall snapping some photos while everyone was getting things ready, and this is my favorite.  This is my Mom, my Aunt Sue (the woman who introduced me to my Fiancée), and my Sister, all working hard getting the food ready to go before the Shower.  Heather and I are lucky to have such wonderful and amazing people in our lives that will help out and do what ever is needed of them for us, and while this picture is only of a few people, I speak for everyone in our family, and our close friends.  Thank you everyone for an awesome weekend!