Photo Project 52. Week 10 – Sanctuary

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Another abandoned house?  Yup!  This was more of an abandoned mansion though.  There were many neat things about this house, and I would have loved to get closer to it, but there were signs that the property was still watched after.  There was a new chain link fence out front, plus alarm signs and stickers all over the place, and some other little signs that just didn’t make me feel comfortable walking up in to the yard and around it too much.  So I popped on the telephoto lens and shot from the fence for the most part.  I can only imagine how grand this house must have been when it was first built, but now is just crumbling apart.  There were signs that someone tried to restore it at one point, but I think they gave up on their efforts too.  This is a tower that looked like was part of a breakfast nook in the front corner of the house.  It was pretty cool looking with its copper roof and windows going around the top.  I would have loved to get a look inside this place too, and wish I knew more about the history of it, who built it, and what happened to them that the house is now mostly abandoned.