New Wave Communications Rights Their Wrong

   April 9th, 2010

Well well well, what do we have here?  Oh yeah, it’s HD in my house, finally!  A couple weeks ago I wrote about New Wave’s failure to bring me the HD service I requested not once, but twice.  I was pretty frustrated with them and let loose.  I didn’t try to contact them to fix the problem, honestly because I was so fed up with them.

On Tuesday this week I was contacted through my site by a high-up guy over at New Wave’s marketing department (Evidently he stumbled upon my post via search engine.  I guess the Search Engine Optimization plugin is good for something!).  He seemed genuinely concerned about my situation and getting it corrected from his email, so I replied back.  With in a half hour he called me and we discussed my situation on the phone.  He was very very nice about the whole thing, as was I.  He told me they would have someone out that very evening when I got home to get my HD installed, and on top of that they were going to waive the installation fees and credit my account for a nice chunk of HD service.  I was pretty happy to hear this but still couldn’t quite believe it.  But sure enough, at 6:30 on the dot, the New Wave tech pulled up in my drive way.  He installed an HD-DVR box and had me all up and running in probably 10-15 minutes.  I finally had my HD!  And let me tell you, it is gorgeous!  It’ll be even nicer when my HDMI cable comes in  (New Wave only had component cables.  I would’ve liked to have seen HDMI since it’s been around for a while and a pretty accepted standard, but no big deal).  I found a 10 foot HDMI cable online for less then $4 shipped to my door.  A lot better then the $48 Walmart wanted, but that’s a rant for another day.  The HD-DVR works great!  I finally got to put it to the test last night when I recorded Bones in HD while grilling out.  Then we came in and sat down for dinner and watched it.  It was a fantastic picture.  So crystal clear you can see individual hairs on their head.

I just felt like I should make a post updating my situation.  New Wave righted my wrong, and their Marketing guy assured me that if I ever have any more issues, to let him know and he will get it taken care of.  It is reassuring to know that someone out there at New Wave does care about their company.  I just hope that my situation has brought any problems existing with my local offices (or maybe wider spread) in to light and New Wave can work on ensuring that my lack of care doesn’t happen to others.

Thank you New Wave for fixing my situation.

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  1. Brandon  Says:

    Awesome story! Another great example of how customers and companies are using the Internet to connect in ways that never would have taken tons of phone calls and endless frustration in the past.

    – B

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Also, how the hell did I ever live with out a real DVR? Man, this thing is great.

  3. John  Says:

    Nick, I am having the same problems you mentioned. I signed up for the 10 Mbs internet, the DVR with HD and I am still waiting for a DVR. We were spoiled because we had Direct TV for about 8 years and always had a DVR. We switched because we were getting tired of losing TV signal every time it stormed and rained hard, but so far now, we have had 2 major outages with New Wave, the internet speeds changes constantly and the TV signal seems to drop out for no apparent reason also. We are now almost 2 months without a DVR and getting ticked. These guys need to do better.

  4. Nick - Author Comment:

    John, are you in the Taylorville IL market area as well, or a different area?

  5. John  Says:

    No, we are in the Anna area. Still waiting for an HD DVR. Talked to someone at Taylorsville in CS, she said it should be installed Tuesday or this week, but nothing yet. They were to send one of the new ones down this way. I was at the local office on Wednesday, the girl said she didn’t have a work order showing. The installer was there also, heading out to install HD units. Probably mine.


    I am having exact same issues you are having. I wonder if it is legal to say you have 15 meg service when actually you have nothing close to that.

  7. Brian  Says:

    The internet speeds that New Wave communications claim to offer are not even close to the speeds that you get. I’m supposed to be getting 12 meg and the closest to that that i get is maybe around 4. During peak hours I only get around 1 meg and sometimes less. I can’t understand how a company like this can stay in business.

  8. Blase  Says:

    Nick I am in the Taylorville area, and I just wanted to let you know a year later they still have big problems.

    I looked at your first post in awe. I was amazed that I too am having the same issues with the customer service.

    I have had it with Newwave to the point that I am no longer threatening them, I did switch to DSL, but I am trying to let them keep me as a cable customer. I contacted Mike Burns to see what he had to say. He told me he was going to try to help. I will see if he does, if this gets fixed I will post on here and let you know. I told him I will not pay any part of my bill until help has been received. It might not be the best idea I have ever had, but what other leverage do we as customers have.

    Well we will see what happens. I hope that they do want to keep me as a customer. I will let you know if they do fix this.

    Just wanted to let you know that a year later us customers are still in much of the same boat.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  9. Nick - Author Comment:

    Blase, sorry to hear about your trouble, but I wish I could say I was surprised. Nothing has really changed with the local office, despite numerous complaints. All I can say is that there are good people at Newwave, it can just be a challenge to find them. Good luck and hope to hear of your update.

  10. Jason Rolla  Says:

    Same story here. Paying for 15 down and lucky to get 1. I turned in a complaint via online contact us. They came out a couple days later said its a known oversubscribed problem where I am at and that parts were on order for my area. That was 4 months ago still the same speed, im in contract and I plan on taking screenshots at various times and emailing them to fix and when it doesnt get fixed I will just leave and tell them to see me in court when they dont get their payment, early term fees. When the contract is not upheld no legal basis for the contract. Maybe newwave is still reading this, hopefully, SESSER, IL.

  11. Cindy  Says:

    It never ends with these people. I’ve had nothing but trouble with them and have NEVER had ANYONE call me back. I’ve had them blatantly lie to me.
    I’ve also filed a complaint with the FCC and they are useless,although a rep did call me after filing.
    Am getting ready to file another one with the FCC and add my complaint to the others filed with the,BBB.
    Does anyone know how to put this company out of business?

  12. Nick - Author Comment:

    Buy services from a different company. Unfortunately the cable monopolies that is rarely an option.

  13. Tommy McIntyre  Says:

    I have been with AT&T for 30+ years phone and the last few years on their DSL for Internet which everyone knows also gives the signal for your Netlflix. I dropped them June 6 when they said we would have no service for 11 days. We didn’t even have a dial tone which would been great if not for our cell phones to call them.!! There was no storms in the area and no cause for such a long down time or they could not contacted their long life customers to let them know anything before pulling the plug on us. The very next day we switched over to New Wave. I was pleased with the faster Internet and my wife needs it 3 days a week at home when away from her office. Yesterday the 17th the Internet was down from about 9 to 11 am and again this evening for a couple hours. After my wife being on the phone for way over 1/2 an hour she got someone to answer for Customer Service. They lady told her they are working on it since we are in the Westvill, Il. area where they have an office. But good luck calling that since they are not in the phone book. Under Charter I could call them or stop by the office about 3 miles from me if I had a problem and a repairman was sent right away. New Wave informed me they just collect money at that office and store their repair trucks there. I go Whattttt!! I cant even avoid the 1/2 hour wait through their “money saving measures” of not being able to call the office or stop by to report it.?? This cable service has had a new owner every few years from Charter to Avenue to now New Wave. If the problems persist I have no option to reup again with AT&T with the slower DSL but least it pretty consistent. Charter had a Monopoly on the Internet service and was raising their rates about every 6 months til we dropped them. I warned them one day when paying my bill,” Looks like you have competition in the area now.” They asked who and I told them since I was in reach of AT&T sub station to get the Internet. Charter didnt know about that and maybe thats why they sold out. Their repairmen at the time told me Yup our name gets changed every couple years. I dont want to go back to Ma Bell but when it comes to messing with my Internet and Netflix I take that seriously and will not stay. Thanksss

  14. James Roberts  Says:

    New Wave has absolutely improved… However that only means going from terrible to one step below Comcast (atleast Comcast had usable service) New Wave promised VOD back over 3 years ago… Found out today…. “something better” is coming out… So never mind Indiana just wait longer FCC complaints are the only way to fine this “investor fed” company out of business… Since, after all the founders sold out big surprise

  15. Christian Gregory Sweeney  Says:

    Rights their wrong my foot.

    🙁 their service is abysmal, I can’t do shit half the time, can’t use FB, Youtube, or even log into my favorite forums or chat in IRC channels without constantly connecting and disconnecting, slowing down and speeding up, and I have no other feasible options in my area.

    They take my money and don’t deliver what they promise…they’re thieves.

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