I still like Avira

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Yesterday I wrote about how I had stumbled upon a virus through Java in Firefox and how Avira didn’t quite stop all the infections.

I also mentioned I didn’t blame Avira because I felt that it was a new strain, and it looks like I was right.

Yesterday when I scanned the infected file it wasn’t reporting any issues.

Today I noticed a little update notice from Avira so for the heck of it I scanned the infected file again (kept it around to test with), and bam, detected!

detectedSo for the heck of it I popped it through my trusty online scanner, VirusTotal which will scan any file you upload against 41 antivirus engines.

The other day I got:

File iaStor.sys received on 2009.11.12 18:25:30 (UTC)
Current status: finished

Result: 1/41 (2.44%)

Reanalysing the file today I get:

File iaStor.sys received on 2009.11.15 00:09:41 (UTC)
Current status: finished

Result: 11/41 (26.83%)
So this was obviously a new strain and engines are finally starting to update!
Also, yay for Avira being one of the 11 detecting it now.  I picked Avira because of it’s high detection rates, so hopefully they will continue leading the sector. 🙂