Follow up to “Open File – Security Warning”

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A month ago I posted on how to disable the annoying Open File- Security Warning dialog when opening files downloaded from the Internet.

At the end of the article I mentioned that there was a side effect in doing this…

The only side effect is that IE will have a warning bar at the top when you fire it up trying to scare you in to enabling it again.

And I come to you today with a way to disable this across both Business(Professional) and Home editions of XP and Vista

Fire up your trusty registry editor and go to:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security

Note that you may not have the Internet Explorer and Security keys under the Microsoft key.  You can create these your self, just be sure you remember the registry is all case sensitive.

Under the Security key create a new DWORD Value and name it DisableSecuritySettingsCheck and then set its value to 1

Now the next time your have to fire up that turd IE, you won’t be harassed by a silly warning message!