Reality TV is Shit.

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Alright, I know all the writers for TV shows and stuff are on strike, but this rash of shitty TV existed even before this. It’s existed for years now and I’m sick of it.

Reality TV is nothing more then a bunch of talentless hack ideas thrown together and turned in to a “show” for the rest of this ignorant country to lap up while they eat [Insert famous cheesy chip brand here] in front of their TV’s while they ignore their children.

I hate reality TV. It is NOT entertaining, and most of the time REALITY TV IS FAKE. Chris Angel is fake. Open your eyes. All of his tricks are done with special effects, and all the “general public” people in his shows are hired actors. Ok, not ALL, but they do have what they call in the industry as “plants” in the audience. Actors who work with Chris, and he “randomly” picks out of the audience. Don’t believe me? Here is an example of special effects. But Chris Angel can levitate on the street with nothing around! No he can’t.

This rant isn’t really about Chris Angel (however big a fraud he may be), but reality TV as a whole. Garbage shows like “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” are all terrible terrible shows. They are not entertaining and make you want to change the channel at the sheer though of having to sit through one of these horrible shows.

Mean while, GOOD TV shows get canceled like Fox’s Drive. A fantastic Emmy Nominated show that got to run all of 4 episodes on Fox. 2 of which were the premier and the other 2 were played at random gaps in Fox’s lineup. Fox canceled it because of low ratings… of course it had low ratings, no one knew when the damn show would be on next! Yet Fox has plenty of room in it’s lineup for shitality… errr reality TV. Fox has a habit of canceling great shows and letting terrible ones run on way too long, but that is again off subject here.

I hope my few examples of why reality TV sucks has made a point to you. Stop watching it and they’ll stop showing it and be forced to actually be creative, write shows with good story plots, and rescue TV.

If it hasn’t, kiss my ass.