Why I Love Android

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It is open.  You are given simple tools to manage your device how you want, straight from Google.  There are no back door hacks, no monkeying around.  You get to use your device how you want it.  That is what makes Android so powerful; its open nature and ability to do what you want.

The inspiration of this post… tonight I decided to flash the latest point release from Google with out waiting for the OTA update (hey, I’m impatient).

I downloaded the rom, extracted the boot and system partition images, and flashed them straight to my phone using fastboot.

The whole process took less than a minute and a half.  Yup, installing the latest version of the Android OS… less than a minute and a half.

Then I reflashed the SuperSU files for factory-approved root access to my phone, oh yeah, using a very cool touch screen enabled recovery mode

Rebooted back to Android, and after a quick Dalvik cache rebuild, I was back up and running

Why hello there 4.1.2 🙂