Photo Project 52. Week 31 – Fracture

   August 7th, 2011

This was was a real blast to shoot.  Not only figuratively, but literally!  The set up was pretty low tech.  I had my Canon and my 70-300 lens set up on my tripod.  I went for the longer lens so I could keep the camera back from the action a bit.  Then I stacked up a couple of cardboard boxes 10 feet or so away.  I cut a whole in the center of the box and stuck my brand new light bulb in it.  Sure, I felt a little bad for blasting apart a brand new bulb, but it was for a good cause.  To shatter the bulb I used my trusty old BB pistol I’ve had since I was a kid.  I haven’t shot a BB through it in probably 15 years, but after picking up a fresh tube of ammo from the store, the thing fired as perfect as it always did.  Then it was a combination of sports mode, my remote trigger, and shooting the bulb at the same time.  One of the things that surprised me was that it took multiple shots before the bulb fully shattered.  The first couple BB’s through the bulb just took a chunk out of the glass, leaving the rest of the bulb intact.  But usually the 3rd round through, the glass shattered.  This was my second bulb as the first one was slightly out of focus when I looked at it on the computer.  This one ended up with a way cooler action shot any way though, so it worked out.


3 Responses to “Photo Project 52. Week 31 – Fracture”

  1. Brandon  Says:

    Neat! According to a MacGyver episode, you can also bust it with drain cleaner…except you’d have to have it plugged in and hot (Myth confirmed: Using the BB gun seems a lot safer. Did you shoot your eye out?

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Nice MacGyver reference!
    I did not shoot my eye out. I shot in the safest way possible. With my eyes closed.
    HAHA! No, actually I did have my sunglasses on, on purpose. Mostly in case I some how ricocheted it of the metal base of the bulb back at me.

  3. June  Says:

    This is really great! Don’t feel bad about the bulb. That type is so outdated and low-tech now, right? 🙂

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