Photo Project 52. Week 26 – Independence

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This photo marks the half way point of my Photo 52 project.  It is hard to believe the year is already half gone.  This week’s photo was almost in jeopardy of not happening though.  I knew I was going to be shooting fireworks tonight (Sunday), so I hadn’t shot anything else all week.  Well, this evening rolled around, and the rain rolled in.  Luckily the storms mostly broke up and it only ended up sprinkling lightly before sun down,  allowing the fireworks show to go off as planned.  I ventured back to my home city of Chatham Illinois and set up my tripod and Canon.  I ended up snapping 90 photos over the course of the show (a lot more than I thought I had).  I had a ton of really cool shots and it was hard to only pick one, but I ended up going with this one because it was sort of unique from the others.  It was a clean firework by itself, it was multicolored, and almost looks like some kind of space anomaly in the night sky.

Happy Independence Day Everyone.