Photo Project 52. Week 9 – Cascade

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Another dreary sunless day in Central Illinois.  We have had a lot of rain lately, combined with above freezing temperatures has lead to a lot of excess water in the area.  I decided to drive out to the Taylorville Lake dam and see if it was overflowing any water.  Well, it indeed was, and this is the most I have ever seen it.  On a typical summer day, this dam will be dry, and you can walk down in the overflow area.  The roaring sound alone from the water spilling over the dam was awesome.  It also made for some cool shots.  I used my 70-300 lens on my tripod with a remote shutter release for this shot.  I was pretty happy with how it came out and I only made a few minor tweaks to it in Picasa.  I’m looking forward to warmer/sunnier weather though.