Wanda Sykes Sucks

   October 25th, 2009

Yup, that’s right.  She is a talentless hack, and every time I hear her obnoxious voice on tv, it makes me want to change the channel.  Seriously… she is not funny, she is annoying, and usually offensive.

I can’t wait for Fox to cancel what will surely be one of the worst shows to ever air on Fox.

I don’t have much else to say about this other then most people across the country seem to feel the same way


11 Responses to “Wanda Sykes Sucks”

  1. Brandon  Says:

    I agree 100%. Very annoying.

  2. Francis Whittier  Says:

    What sewer this this dirty rat crawl out of. A shit for brains idiot!

  3. Cooter  Says:

    Dude, you nailed it…I can hardly watch the World Series. Her voice grates like nothing I’ve ever heard.

    Her series will last 2 days.

  4. Paul  Says:

    She is an ugly annoying racist with no talent.Ghetto trash talk is getting boring and she has to have talent to go above the stereotype.

  5. martin  Says:

    I cannot believe that Larry David has her on Curb your Enthusiasm. She friggin ruins it with her ghetto ebonic speak. All her attempts at jokes revolve around race….

  6. Nick - Author Comment:

    That’s because she’s an unfunny racist bitch. I can’t believe her horrible shitty show is still on. Surely it’ll be canceled soon.

  7. brian  Says:

    wanda sykes is terrible!!! and yes she has the most annoying voice ever!! i hate it when i see her on tv,. the only reason she will get ratings is because she is on saturday night at a good time when nothing else is on,. hopefully she wont be on tv much longer cause i cannot stand her,. when i see her on tv i go” oh god ,not her again”.. i hate her so much i made the effort to google search “wanda sykes sucks” lol,lol,lol!!!

  8. bnit  Says:

    she’s an idiot. thought she was ok until i heard her call everyone that disagreed with President Obama a racist. BTW I support Obama but do not support hasty generalzations!

  9. hot rod  Says:

    i can’t stand her either..didn’t really have a problem with her till the new commercials about calling things gay when you really mean they are GAY!!!not wishing harm on the silly bitch,just wish i could watch a show on t.v. without her bull-dike looking ass interupting with some hollow attempt for more attention..arrgghh how annoying…i’m not being sexist,racist,or a homophobe…just can’t stand this worthless hack…PLEASE, NETWORK T.V. STATIONS TAKE NOTICE AND FORCE THIS HORRIBLE “GAY” FARCE INTO AN EARLY RETIREMENT…

  10. beck  Says:

    Yeah I thought she was alright until recently when she got her show. She is among that stupid group of people who are on the “just because he’s black, you disagree” bandwagon. He’s not black; he’s biracial like me. if he doesn’t acknowledge that he’s biracial than he’s an idiot.

  11. Nick - Author Comment:

    Thankfully, her show was canceled. Whew!


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