Windows 7 Home: Your very own crippled OS!

   August 7th, 2009

With Windows 7 RTM hitting official Microsoft channels, I figured I’d load up the final version of Windows 7 and check it out.  I’ve commented in the past about being completely unimpressed with 7 and for the most part, that is holding true, with some added hatred for the big-wigs over at Microsoft for arbitrarily deciding what I should be allowed to run on MY machine.

I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium.  The upgrade process itslef took around 3 hours, but it did go off with out a hitch.  I was happy for the most part, until I went to fire up one of my virtual machines in Virtual PC 2007.

This is when my joy turned to pure black hatred for 7 and all it represents.  It is a step backwards in technology.  It is Big Brother watching over your every single move tell you what you can an can not do.

I was presented with a message that basically told me I was not allowed to run this program on the version of Windows I was using.  I should’ve grabbed a screen shot but my rage levels were through the roof and I wasn’t thinking ahead.  To run Virtual PC 2007 I would have to upgrade to “Professional” or “Ultimate”, something which didn’t agree with me.  So I popped in my Acronis Rescue CD and restored back to the image I had made just before upgrading (thankfully I have been through enough Microsoft upgrades and installs to know to make a system image before doing one).

These kinds of completely arbitrary and quite frankly asinine limitations are absolutely disgusting and should not be tolerated.  There is absolutely no technological reason why 7 Home Premium can not run Virtual PC 2007.  The only reason you can’t run it is because Microsoft doesn’t want you to.  They want you to fork over MORE money for this shitty OS and use their “Professional” or “Ultimate” versions.  The whole idea of different versions of the same exact OS never sat with me well any way.  It’s just one more way to fuck your customers in the ass and make them pay more when they shouldn’t have to.  There should be 1 version.  That’s it.  It would end a lot of confusion from the end user stand point, and frustration from more technical users.

I for one will be avoiding Windows 7.  It offers nothing new worthy of upgrading, and only further tightens the controls Microsoft has over YOUR computer and REMOVES features you’re used to.


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  1. David Lee  Says:

    Did virtual pc 2007 work on vista home premium?

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Yes, it does. Which is why I was upset with Windows 7’s arbitrary removal of features for no other reason then trying to upsell end users.

  3. randyc  Says:

    You do realize that the requirements for Virtual PC clearly state what operating systems are compatible with it right?

  4. David Lee  Says:

    Does virtualbox work in windows 7 home preium?

  5. David Lee  Says:

    I just went to

    it seems like it does work for home premium.

    You just need to get a newer version

  6. David Lee  Says:

    For virtual pc 2007, maybe you should try the backward comb shortcut assignment. That might fix the problem.

  7. Brandon Allen  Says:

    Just use virtual box from sun. Its better anyway. I’ve had tons of issues with VPC.

  8. Nick - Author Comment:

    Despite Virtual PC not listing Vista Home Premium as compatible, it is.
    If VPC works on Vista Home, it should work on 7 Home, but it doesn’t.
    I did try running it in compatibility mode, but 7 blocks it no matter which options you set.
    I have never used Virtual Box… I will have to look in to that option, thanks.

  9. David Lee  Says:

    there is a new version of virtual pc for win 7. The one i posted links says awaiting moderation. That one should be win 7 home premium compatible.

  10. Nick - Author Comment:

    My site thought your comment was spam since it had a link in it.
    The problem with the new version is this requirement:
    Hardware Virtualization Technology
    VPC 2007 runs with out Hardware Virtualization, so it runs on any machine. The new version requires it, so machines with out a compatible processor can’t run it (such as the laptop I have).

    It all boils down to Microsoft arbitrarily blocking software it doesn’t want running, trying to force you to pay for the higher up versions.

    FWIW, I installed 7 Ultimate and VPC2007 works with out a single error on it. It’s an artificial limitation Microsoft put in, and that’s what is wrong about it.

  11. randyc  Says:

    lol exactly what I was trying to say. They clearly state that it does work with certain OS’s.

    Just because something works on Windows Vista does not mean has to work on Windows 7. They are two different operating systems.

  12. Brandon Allen  Says:

    not by much. 7 is based off of the vista kernel like xp was based off the 2k kernel. Also you can use vista drivers in window 7.

  13. Nick - Author Comment:

    It boils down to Vista Home will let you run it.
    7 Home will not let you run it.
    The block is arbitrary, there is NO technical reason for it.

    It is wrong of Microsoft to command what YOU run on YOUR computer just because they want more money.

    End of story.

    For some reason my site has been getting pounded by trolls from a certain messageboard (yes I know who, no I won’t advertise their name) over the last couple days. I have had to delete dozens of trolling and down-right offensive comments on this article, so for the time-being I am closing comments. I don’t have time to babysit the immature people flooding here from some post on there.

  14. Jonathon  Says:

    I’m with you on this one – Windows 7 is frustrating as all hell!

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