UPS Should Go Out Of Business

   August 7th, 2009

When you’re a company who has ONE job… delivering packages reliably and on time… and that is the ONE thing that is impossible for you to do, you should probably just fucking close up shop.

Every damn time I am shipped something UPS it is a fucking disaster.  Today was no different.  I had been waiting for this package all week, and it was finally scheduled for delivery for today.  I was excited to receive my precious goods I had purchased from the magical world of the internets.

When it became late afternoon and I still hadn’t seen a UPS truck, I decided to check their tracking site… my heart sank


Fantastic.  Now instead of having my goods on Friday as I should have, it will be Monday at the EARLIEST.

Fuck you UPS… Fuck you.  Every single time you’re a disaster.   You can’t deliver packages reliably or on time.

I checked the address it was sent to and it is 100% correct.  This means that there is something wrong due to UPS being at fault.

I receive a lot of things via courier, and I don’t think I have ever had a problem when using FedEx.  They are always perfect… but every UPS shipment seems to have a snag or delay in it some where.  Completely unacceptable.

What can brown do for me?  It can stay in the fucking toilet, that’s what it can do for me.


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  1. KrAzE  Says:

    DHL steps on their packages. I went out to meet one last christmas and he was going through his packages looking for mine, stepping on boxes in the back. I asked why there were no shelves and he told me it was a new truck and they didnt install them yet….wow.

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    hahahaha! Didn’t DHL go out of business in the US anyway? Or they got bought or something?

  3. Brandon  Says:

    LOL. Guess that’s partly why DHL Express closed up shop in the USA.

    There have been several times I’ve had to go to the UPS Springfield location off of S Dirksen parkway because I knew there would be no way I’d get my package by the time I wanted it.

    – B

  4. Nick - Author Comment:

    Yeah, I ALMOST considered doing that today but I just wanted to get home and relax… I couldn’t deal with any more UPS insolence.

  5. Andrew  Says:

    I thought about going to UPS Saturday but guess what?! Not open!!! How very considerate!!! Awesome place. Awesome!

  6. lovelylady  Says:

    I have to agree, they need to go out business. I have received 5 packages and shipped one and they have successfully delivered 2 out of the 6. The other 4 has been either lost, delivered days late or sent to a completely diiferent state. UPS is pathetic and I cannot belive people still use them. Today is my LAST TIME USING THEM.

  7. lovelylady  Says:

    But hey I guess they would be great to get rich off of, crooks can easily send a package, put insuarance on it and 9 times out of 10 UPS would loose it, and the shipper can just collect the shipping money. I mean that sounds like a good scheme for a crimanal and it’s almost granteed they will loose it.

  8. lovelylady  Says:

    I mean collect Insurance money. I really hope people do that to them and maybe that will make them more efficent and stop being so careless with the packages.

  9. Al  Says:

    Ups people are some of the hardest working people. Most of the time ups drivers only deliver what’s on their truck that day. So If you didn’t get a package right away it’s probably because the shipper didn’t ship it out right away. I would use ups out of anyone and still do because they are the best.

  10. Nick - Author Comment:

    Nice try UPS guy.

  11. elisehilly  Says:

    This is a total crack up – I love your image!! – Me and my college cringe when we have to use UPS.. UPS has a digital system where you can book them to pick up stuff, but it usually doesn’t work and during this process of it not working, your laborious patience of trying to make it work gets you more and more pissed off…. One day I got so pissed i insisted that UPS customer service put me onto management and guess what number they gave me!!!! The f100 mercedes team. beats me. I did try to chatting the guy up but that didnt work either…

    ANYWAY my colleague comes up to two days ago and is like “hey the UPS website booking worked!” and he showed me the AWB which the site printed – and I was like “O boy, maybe i am giving them a hard time, like poor UPS”

    and then just today my colleague is like “UPS suck! they didnt pick up parcel. UPS said “an AWB for the package hadnt been generated in the system yet as it hadnt been picked up, so they cant help with locating the order for the pick-up”
    – crazy and insane and ludicrous

    So my colleague gets on the phone to them, and customer service read a script which doesn’t answer the question at hand.. and anyway my colleague got increasingly pissed off throwing the phone down to recheck the parcel out the front at reception – Luckily they had not hung up, and he’s is tried to ever so simply and straight forwardly explain that they are really bad and that the extremely of pain they generate is comedic

    … anyway the phone call solution is that today when they pick up the parcel, the UPS guy will bring shipping forms we will fill out by hand and call UPS for a pick-up – so we will see.

    Some companies in different countries [italy] [india] insist on using UPS – so maybe they are better in other countries – but I don’t enjoy their service in Australia. I like DHL best!!

  12. Don  Says:

    I worked during a two week Chrismtas rush as a temp worker a long time ago for UPS. I predicted then that people would grow tired of UPS and go back to the postal service. I’m sorry to say that UPS is still here. We packed a large semi full of Christmas packages as qucikly as we could and as full as we could. Mashed boxes everywhere. We were cogs in a poorly run machine. I hope UPS goes out of business I really do.

  13. Fukinay  Says:

    UPS is the absolute worst. I now ALWAYS contact a seller whether it’s eBay, Amazon or anything and ask them before ordering if they can NOT use UPS. If they use UPS or have no way of choosing a courier, I do NOT order from them. USPS will deliver to my apartment’s management office if I’m not home. My apartment complex mgmt office is open on weekends too. Convenient. FedEx can hold my package at their store nearby my place for free if I’m unable to pick it up. Their store is also open until 11pm. Awesome! But…. Brown…. where do I begin?! You get charged $5 to have a package held at their store ($6 if you call and request an agent to do it), and that option is only available after 2 business days after a failed attempt. If after 2 failed attempts, it gets sent to their distribution center (25 miles away for me), and it’s too late at this point to request it being sent to a UPS store. It sits at the distribution center for 5-7 days before being shipped back to the vendor. The problem is, the distribution center closes at 6pm and impossible for me to get their on time during the weekday. On weekends, they’re closed. Wow! What a way to operate… deliver only during hours when 90% of people are at work, close their stores before most people get home from work, and not be have their main distribution center open after 6pm or on weekends. Not to mention, call times with them are always 2-3 times longer than when calling USPS or FedEx. Brown indeed belongs in the sh!tter.

  14. Felicia Jones  Says:

    UPS lost my box on December 19, 2017, and I have been going through hell with them. I filed a claim and fax over all the information that was required twice. I have been calling every other day, asking when will I get reimbursed, it’s taking forever. I spoke with a supervisor, and I was told last week it takes seven to ten business days. If the check doesn’t arrive this week, by February 2nd, I have to call them again! UPS is causing me so much stress! I’m fed up!

  15. Forest C Gibson  Says:

    Just received package last night from UPS because they said address had to be corrected, bullshit right address on package. Came in tore to hell this 120 lb jack had been thrown multi times it was beat up bad broke through the board it was strapped to. Filing claim now with Summit. Summit Racing are the only good thing about this UPS bullshit. They will take care of it.
    Wish Summit Racing would start their own shipping company.

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