Acer support can go pound sand

   March 31st, 2009

Acer, quite possible the shittiest, yet most popular, cheap ass computer company out there.  Why are they so popular?  Because their systems are dirt cheap.  Unfortunately you do get what you pay for.  You pay for shit, you get shit.  Acer shits on it’s customers all day long.
I’m pretty sure that e-machines put out better garbage then Acer’s crappy computers.
From the amount of Acer systems I have seen fail, I believe that it isn’t a matter of if your system will fail, it’s simply a matter of when. 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Who knows…  I’d be willing to guess your Acer computer will fail with in the first 3 years.
I recently wrote about how OEM preinstalled software needs to stop, and Acer was the driving force behind that post.

Today, I bring you another reason why you should never buy anything from Acer.

Their support is horrendous.  Absolutely awful.  Today I had another Acer desktop with a bad motherboard (shocking, I know it’s not like I’ve replaced at least a dozen of these before… oh wait…), so I was on the hunt to get a new one.

I track down their support number and dial in to a computer prompt system.  Super.

I navigate my way through to where I think I should be, and it tells me that since the system is out of warranty (duh) they can’t provide support, and it tells me to go to a site.

I figured I navigated the menu wrong so I hang up and call back.  It asks if I am calling about the same system I recently called about.  I am, so I said yes.  It immediately takes me to the same dead end message.

I call a third time and say no.  I manage to navigate my way to where I’d think it’d hook me up with someone in parts.  Instead it tells me to go to for parts sales.

I type it in my browser, and guess what…



So here I am… at a dead end, unable to look for a simple motherboard for this junky Acer computer.

Fuck Acer.  I hate them and I will never buy any of their horrid systems EVER.

I feel sorry for people who have them, I really do.  The money they saved on the cheap ass system only ends up getting spent to repair their doomed machine.

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  1. Brandon  Says:

    You might try this:

    I’ve used this site before and it’s kind of hit or miss. The page says updated Feb 2009 so you might have some luck with it.

    – B

  2. Nick - Author Comment:

    Thanks for the link.
    I tried that, but as soon as I put in the serial number, it tells me the system is out of warranty, gives me a website address, then it transfers me to a pay-for-support service.
    I have been unable to speak with anyone at Acer so far. Their voice-prompt system has prevented me from talking to any human there.
    The site is up this morning, but as I thought, it is 100% useless in finding a motherboard. I tried searching on the mobo part number, the computer model number, name of the computer… everything.

    HOWEVER, I dug through the papers in my desk and I found a piece of scratch paper from about a year and a half ago on which I wrote phone numbers for Acer’s parts vendors! Back then you could actually talk to a live person at Acer and someone there gave me 3 phone numbers for parts. They are as follows:
    Grand-Tech 1-800-567-0586
    Console-Data 1-800-267-4834
    Empower Parts 1-409-425-4251

    I called Grand Tech first and got a hold of someone in 30 seconds. He was able to look up the part based off the desktop’s Serial number and I was able to get a price on it! Yay for never throwing anything away!

    Damn it I hate Acer.

  3. Ulrika  Says:

    I bought Acer 9920G laptop 3.5 months ago and was generally quite pleased with it so far.

    However, last week and switched it on and got this message upon load up:
    PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.
    Operating System not found.

    Well, I got a bit worries, googled this on my other computer, some other forums mentioned that it could be due to the Hard Disk failure.

    Anyway, I took it back to the shop where I brought it from, the techy guy powered the laptop and it worked fine (???). He said it might be due to some loose wire inside that got back into place whilst I was carrying it to the shop.

    I was quite relieved, took the laptop back home, powered it and got the same error message as before!!! I unplugged the whole thing again, carried it around the house and it was working again (just).

    I then called Acer support line and spoke to the rudest man on Earth. I explained what happened and he said it was due to the loose hard drive. I asked if I could send the laptop back to them so someone could have a look at it and fix the loose hard drive. He said I would have to pay for this because the laptop was working at this current moment. I told him that the laptop was only 3.5 months old and still under warranty and I should not pay for fixing any manufacturing defects. He then said that it was not Acer’s fault because I did not buy the laptop from them but from the shop. When I said how it was shop’s fault that they receive faulty products from the manufacturer, he told me that he could not help me because “operating system going missing” is a software issue and nothing to do with Acer.

    This is the most appalling customer service I have ever witnessed – it’s absolutely shocking!

  4. Nick - Author Comment:

    Another satisfied Acer customer!

    Thanks for your comment Ulrika 🙂

  5. Ariel  Says:

    I’ve had the same experience… Although with a system that *was* under warranty. Had a Seagate hard drive on which the firmware was bad (eventually Seagate resolved the issue, with no hassle).

    I never was able to talk to a real human, the automated phone system mentioned above gave me a dead end *with* a good S/N under warranty, and all I ever got back from the “email” support were canned responses asking if the hard drive was plugged in.

    I will never recommend Acer to a single client ever again. Ever.

  6. Tom  Says:

    Direct line to Level 2 tech support For Acer, Gateay and Emachines

  7. Insider  Says:

    Acer just released all temporary employees and permanent employees up to 30 people. Place is empty, and they kept all indian techs and hired more indian techs overseas. This occured the third week of July.

  8. Nick - Author Comment:

    Sounds like Acer is headed in the right direction. Getting worse and worse by the day.
    Since my horrible experience I have successfully avoided selling a single Acer machine. I recommend other brands to my clients now as a direct result of Acer’s complete lack of support.

  9. Dave  Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Having read the above I have to agree that if Acer gave me a laptop, I would not even use it as a door stop. It’s off being repaired again and I’m sure they will do the usual reinstall, one size fits all repair fix. Cannot get anyone on the phone, leave messages and no one gets back to you. Can’t wait to get it back (again) so I can go back to the shop I bought it from, kick up a fuss and sit outside the door until I get a refund (due to unfit for purpose) or a new anything but Acer lap top.

  10. Nick - Author Comment:

    It’s pathetic that in 7 months Acer hasn’t been able to turn around it’s horrid customer service. Honestly though, I am not surprised. Acer doesn’t care about it’s customers. Once they have your money, you can go f-off for all they care.
    Since posting this I have been consistently recommending people to stay away from Acer and have not sold a single Acer product.
    Don’t forget, tell your friends to STAY AWAY from horrible Acer products as well!

  11. Dave  Says:

    Hi guys,
    Just to give you all a bit of hope. I rang every day and sent emails every day for about two months. As they could not give me a date for the return of my faulty lap top I insisted on a refund under the 1979 sales of goods act,(not fit for purpose and faulty). Guess what< I got the refund, twice!!!!! So guess who's ringing me twice a day looking for me to refund their money? Do you think I should give it back???? Not talking their calls………just letting them know what its like when the shoe is on the the other foot. Dont give up, get a contact name andkeep sending emails etc, become a right pain in the arse, it's the only way.

  12. Nick - Author Comment:

    Hahaha! That is fantastic Dave.
    Funny how you can’t get any service out of them for 2 months, then all of the sudden when they want something of you, they won’t leave you alone.
    If I were you, I would ignore them for the rest of time.
    Consider your bonus payment retribution for the rest of us that have been royally screwed over by Acer’s “customer support”.

  13. Ab  Says:

    Last Acer product I ever buy. The Z410 cell phone never worked and would shut out periodically but the kicker was when the screen shattered (very cheap product) and I thought of replacing it. The phone was 169 at costco, and to replace the screen acer is charging 215 dollars. What math from a tech co. The part itself is not available for less than $125. This one is for the landfill but never ever again an acer product.

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