Acer support can go pound sand

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Acer, quite possible the shittiest, yet most popular, cheap ass computer company out there.  Why are they so popular?  Because their systems are dirt cheap.  Unfortunately you do get what you pay for.  You pay for shit, you get shit.  Acer shits on it’s customers all day long.
I’m pretty sure that e-machines put out better garbage then Acer’s crappy computers.
From the amount of Acer systems I have seen fail, I believe that it isn’t a matter of if your system will fail, it’s simply a matter of when. 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Who knows…  I’d be willing to guess your Acer computer will fail with in the first 3 years.
I recently wrote about how OEM preinstalled software needs to stop, and Acer was the driving force behind that post.

Today, I bring you another reason why you should never buy anything from Acer.

Their support is horrendous.  Absolutely awful.  Today I had another Acer desktop with a bad motherboard (shocking, I know it’s not like I’ve replaced at least a dozen of these before… oh wait…), so I was on the hunt to get a new one.

I track down their support number and dial in to a computer prompt system.  Super.

I navigate my way through to where I think I should be, and it tells me that since the system is out of warranty (duh) they can’t provide support, and it tells me to go to a site.

I figured I navigated the menu wrong so I hang up and call back.  It asks if I am calling about the same system I recently called about.  I am, so I said yes.  It immediately takes me to the same dead end message.

I call a third time and say no.  I manage to navigate my way to where I’d think it’d hook me up with someone in parts.  Instead it tells me to go to for parts sales.

I type it in my browser, and guess what…



So here I am… at a dead end, unable to look for a simple motherboard for this junky Acer computer.

Fuck Acer.  I hate them and I will never buy any of their horrid systems EVER.

I feel sorry for people who have them, I really do.  The money they saved on the cheap ass system only ends up getting spent to repair their doomed machine.