The GoogleUpdate.exe Plague

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Seriously… what the hell is up with this shit Google?
I have now noticed this on all 3 machines I use on a regular basis… my desktop, my laptop, and my work computer. They all have at least 1 (if not more) GoogleUpdate.exe running on them, and it is hard to get rid of. Even if you end the process and rename the file, the next time you run a google app, like Google Earth, or Google Chrome, the program will reinsert the file on your system!
This is the kind of shit that really bugs me. Programs that feel the need to run background processes WITH OUT any obvious consent being given to them that are 100% unnecessary for day-to-day tasks.
There is absolutely NO reason why there needs to be a google update serving running in the background of every machine. This is horse shit and I’m done putting up with it. Firefox doesn’t need to do this and it stays up to date just fine.
Because of the GoogleUpdate.exe plague I have seen I will now be uninstalling any google products I have installed on any of my machines.
Good job google. First you change your iGoogle page all around and force me to leave that. Now you infect my machines with your constantly-running update service, and I remove all traces of your programs from my computer.  What next?  Your search results going to turn to shit?  Or have they already?  Maybe I should start trying out other search engines?
Good day Google. I see you’ve thrown your motto of “don’t be evil” right out the damn window, haven’t you?