Photo Project 52. Week 43 – Grayie

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I decided to make this week an easy week, but also take a photo that had a story to it that I could share with you, and what better than one of our cats we rescued?  This big guy was one of our free cats we have taken in.  My wife has a soft spot for cats, which has sort of rubbed off on me.  Several years ago in the wee hours of the morning, my then girlfriend woke me up around 4am and put this skinny bag of bones gray kitty on the bed with me and told me to watch him, she had one more to get.  Since I was still waking up, I thought she was just messing with me.  We have another gray cat and that’s who I thought this was.  After I got my wits about me I could see this one was obviously not our’s.  The story goes she had been hearing a kitty crying outside all night.  She finally decided to go find it, and it was stuck up a tree.  Except it wasn’t the one she brought me, but instead a black kitty.  While she was trying to get the black kitty out of the tree, this gray one ran up to her as well.  So, she brought him in, and got the black one out of the tree as well.  We figured they were brothers since they appeared to be the same age, and they seemed to be hanging out together outside.  I told her we could call them Blackie and Grayie for the week or two it took to find them new homes.  I figured calling them by their color would not allow us to get too attached to them.

I was wrong.

All that being said though, these two kitties ended up being two of the best cats we own.  They’re both very good cats and have two very distinct personalities.  Grayie seems to have the attitude of pretending to not like you, but he’s the one that demands the most love in the house.  He’s always hanging around you and wanting to jump in your lap.

Just today I was working on my computer and I turned around, and there he was laying in the chair behind me, just looking up at me with those giant innocent eyes of his.