Photo Project 52. Week 23 – Pastime

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It was a beautiful spring day today, 75 degrees and sunny.  Friday night wasn’t so beautiful, we has some thunderstorms rolling through, so I tried to get out and get some pictures of lightning but it wasn’t meant to be.  As it turns out, lightning is incredibly frustrating to shoot.  Soon though, soon…  Today was a perfect day to head out and play with the camera in the sunny weather.  I drove out to a local sports area where there are a couple baseball fields, a volleyball field, and a football field.  I walked around and took some shots and came back to to see what I had.  I liked this shot because it had that nice “rule of thirds” appeal to it, and I feel like it draws my eyes in to the scoreboard.  I decided to try a post-processing technique known as cross-processing.  The short version is explained as using chemicals from one type of film to develop a different type of film.  But, this is 2011 and we can make such effects digitally with out have to play with nasty chemicals.  It basically gives the shot a saturated and retro feel to it.  I can think of some other things that I would like to shoot and use a similar effect on… maybe later this year 🙂