Photo Project 52. Week 22 – Abe

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I love summer.  Seriously, love summer.  There is so much more to do, and being outside is so much better than being stuck in doors all the time.  Taylorville had a little flea market Saturday morning on the town square, so the wife and I went down there with the wife’s family.  Taylorville is kind of a neat town in that it was first settled in the 1830’s.  Taylorville’s settling also happens to occur during Abraham Lincoln’s life, and Lincoln actually practiced law in Taylorville in its early days.

One of the stories is that Lincoln was once arguing a case in the Taylorville courthouse when some pigs under the floorboards started squealing.  Lincoln then asked the judge for a “writ of quietus” to shut the pigs up.

How much truth there is to that story, I have no idea, but there must be enough to it, because there is a statue of Abe Lincoln with a pig on the square right next to the courthouse.  I took a few photos around the courthouse today, but I liked this one of the statue with the courthouse in the background, plus it led me to learning a little more about the town I live in that I got to share with you.