Photo Project 52. Week 6 – Disconnected

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It was a bright sunny day, but still pretty cold out (although not as bad as it has been, it got to 43 today).  My original destination today was a rock quarry in Nokomis, but on the way there we went by an abandoned house out the middle of nowhere practically.  I really like abandoned and run-down property, I’m not sure why but I always find it interesting.  To see what it is like now and imagine what it once was.  This house looked like it had been abandoned for many years.  The back door was missing and windows were broken.  The odd thing was though that there looks like a full closet of clothes hung up.  I wanted to go inside, but I could see from the missing back door that the floor had holes in it and there was a deep basement underneath that.  I love taking pictures, but I’m not about to get my self stuck in the basement of an abandoned house out in the middle of no where, so I limited my self to snapping photos outside.  I had many shots I liked, but I loved the long shadow in this picture and the haphazard way the power cable is just hanging off the side of the house.