Sometimes Microsoft makes me want to stab them in the face with a hot poker

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Over all I like Microsoft, but some things they do just really really annoy the hell out of me.

The most recent happened today when I was out at a client site. Long long story short, I needed to create a scheduled task for this particular computer. Well I kept getting an error message when setting the user account password for the account it needed to run under. Come to find out Microsoft knows about this issue and there is a Hotfix for it, but no patch has been released.


Getting a Hotfix from Microsoft in the past has been like prying a nickel out of a jew’s hands. (Damn near impossible).

Why on Earth can they not simple make the damn Hotfixes available for download! Seriously! There is NO reason why they can’t do this, other then the fact the love to make things difficult.

I filled out their form to email me the Hotfix. It said it would be there some time in the next 5 minutes.

20 minutes later I was sick of waiting around on it as I had things that needed to be done. I started searching around on the web for this Hotfix and finally found a site that had it for download… once you registered. FUCK I hate sites that FORCE you to register just so you can download 1 file and never every visit their site again. Stupid.

So I jump through the hoops, register, confirm my email address so they can spam the shit out of me and FINALLY download the file. Downloaded it, ran it, rebooted, and I was finally able to create a scheduled task.

Well the story doesn’t quite end there. I get back to the office and about an hour after my original request I sent in, I got an email from MS with a link to download the Hotfix. I thought well finally, I might as well download and archive this damn thing in case I need it again in the future. I clicky their link and it downloads a Zip executable, not a standard winzip packager, but some shitty looking MS in-house zip packager.

I run the exe to extract the actual Hotfix exe and guess what…

That’s right, I can’t even use the fucking file they sent me a link for.

I refused to do any research on THIS error code now as I am fed up with it. The problem has been fixed and I am done with the issue.


What is so fucking hard about having a list of Hotfixes where you just staight-up download the Hotfix. Why so many shitty hoops, then you end up with an unuseable file???