Criss Angel = Talentless Hack

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First off, let me say I don’t have anything wrong with magicians.  I actually enjoy them and have been to one of David Copperfield’s shows.  I even practiced the hobby when I was younger.  Everyone loves a good trick.

My problem is with people like Criss Angel who are not magicians in my opinion, but perform this “street magic” and with people who actually believe this guy has powers.

He does not.  He is nothing more then an illusionist who uses planted people in the audience and camera tricks.  That is not magic in my opinion.  That is called being a talentless hack.

Recently Criss Angel was supposed to escape from a building about to be blown up for demolition.  Except that no one was allowed to be with in visual distance for “safety”.

Well they weren’t counting on a news helicopter exposing his trick with a zoom camera.  I think the video evidence is pretty clear here and exposes Criss Angel for what he really is.  Nothing more then a fraud who couldn’t put on a decent magic show if he wanted to.

See for your self